Luigi Goterelli: "I'm a Night Club Owner, Not a Pimp!" is an article written for the Liberty Tree newspaper by Paul Mill in July 2001.


Luigi Goterelli Liberty Tree

Luigi Goterelli seen with the luxury that smut affords him.

Luigi Goterelli, owner of the notorious Sex Club Seven, has pleaded "not guilty" in his trial for running premises for immoral purposes and for pandering women for profit. His lawyer said, "My client works in entertainment. He is not a pimp. He works in adult entertainment. And yes, it's a little risqué, and yes, the women take their clothes off, but this place ain't a brothel. Have you ever been to a brothel? It don't look like Mr. Goterelli's place. Nothing at all like it, I can tell you. Sure, he sells sex, but nothing happens and the girls are all professionals, dancers, that is. Look, I'm a married man!"

Mr. Goterelli was rumored to be changing his legal representation.

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