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"When it comes to luxury private jets, this is the cream of the crop. With a Luxor you're joining an elite club of all the best kind of people: super-rich celebrities, businessmen and African dictators."
Elitás Travel description.

The Buckingham Luxor is a fixed-wing private jet in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Luxor is essentially the private/business jet version of the Shamal. It seems to combine features of the Cessna Citation 560/650, Sovereign, and the Learjet 45. It has a mahogany interior and seats for 10 people.

The Luxor is distinghishable by its black and white/gold paint scheme, with an emblem located on the tail. The aircraft features multiple yellow/gold swept back lines down the side of the fuselage to the empennage, as well as stripes on the winglets.

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The Luxor is a good way for a leisurely flight but not so in a competitive way. The Luxor is on par with the Shamal as the fifth fastest aircraft, outperformed by the Hydra, P-996 Lazer, Besra, and Vestra. However, the Luxor has the least mobility and the greatest vehicle mass in a GTA Online Air Race; It won't take corners as sharply as the Duster but it can keep up a good lead in the straight.

The size and weight of the Luxor along with its retractable gear produce enough drag to tear the landing gear off, and in reality is is highly advised against to leave landing gear protruded.

GTA V Overview

Source Take-Off Speed
(0 - 60 knots)
Top Speed
Engine Type Engine Location Mass
(Kg / lb)

(i.e. game data definitions)

n/a n/a




(i.e. recorded on Airspeed Indicator)

n/a n/a

2 jet thrusters


Mass cannot be observed.

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Luxor Deluxe

Main article: Luxor Deluxe

A "Deluxe" version is featured in the new Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 update. It distinguishes from the standard variant by having a gold paintjob, additional features on the interior and the ability to drink champagne, smoke cigars and browse the internet via this vehicle.


Grand Theft Auto V

  • Can be purchased on Elitás Travel for $1,500,000.
  • Can be found in the Los Santos International Airport:
    • One will spawn parked next to a Shamal in the southeast corner, not far from the hangar where Jets landing in the airport park.
    • One can be found taxiing near Michael's hangar. It will park in front of it. Sometimes it will be a Shamal instead.
    • One may spawn taxiing in the northwest area, east to the northward runway. It will park near two Jets.

Grand Theft Auto Online


  • The emblem on the back of the Luxor is actually the coat of arms of Emperor Rudolf II of Habsburg. [1]
  • The Luxor was originally supposed to be colored white, instead of black. [citation/verification needed]
  • Elitás Travel's page of the Luxor says that "Internet Entrepreneur Tony McTony owns one in red with a huge yellow M on the side, custom-fitted with chandeliers, gold toilets, seal-skin waterbeds, DJ booth, marble statue of himself, dogfighting ring, bottom-less flight attendants, and a margarita machine in the cockpit."
  • Its livery might suggest it is based on Etihad Airways the Emirati Airline based out of Abu Dhabi.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, despite the plane being able to sit 10 people including the pilot in Grand Theft Auto Online, it cannot sit more than 2 persons in Story Mode. If the player reunites all the three protagonists and enters a Luxor, one of the two not controlled by the player will sit next to the player and the third will not board the plane.
  • A picture of the Luxor can be seen in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer map "Tiete River Docks" along with pictures of a Shamal, a Titan and a Hydra.


  • When the nose of the plane is damaged, it will somehow become transparent.

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