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"I'm an influential genius man, smarter than Einstein. Shit, I could cure diseases if I were to get a microscope. But instead, I'm rhyming about hoes, and you love it."
― MC Clip

Curtis Cray, also known as MC Clip, is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Cray, referred to as by his rap name MC Clip, is a famous rapper based in Los Santos, San Andreas. He appears to be heavily criticized by fans and the media for being a "fake" rapper, as described by Tavell Clinton. Cray has released three unnamed albums that were mentioned, and has a fourth upcoming album, entitled The All New Messiah.

Events of GTA V

MC Clip is first mentioned on the cover of West Coast Classics Magazine, as he was recently interviewed by them in the article Bigger than World Peace. He states that he intends on stopping war, and recalls his recent 3 hour concert in Los Santos.

MC Clip appears briefly during the mission Hood Safari, in which he is encountered in the Los Santos Canal with many bikini-clad women filming a music video, while Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis escape the pursuing police. The trio steal three Seasharks owned by MC Clip while he throws a party. If he isn't killed in the mission, he will later die in a gang shootout between the Ballas and Families.

Mission Appearances


  • MCClipQuote-1-GTAV
    " This time, it's genetically inevitable that I proved something real important, combining fashion, rap music, and product pimpin. I'm gonna take humanity to new places." - MC Clip, on his new album, The All New Messiah.
  • MCClipQuote-2-GTAV
    "You know me, I'm like the wrath of god would want to be if he could rhyme right."
  • MCClipQuote-3-GTAV
    "I'm an influential genius man, smarter than Einstein. Shit, I could cure diseases if I were to get a microscope. But instead, I'm rhyming about hoes, and you love it."



  • It is possible to kill MC Clip during the mission Hood Safari without direct consequence. However, regardless of the player's decision to kill him, the Los Santos Shepherd newspaper will always announce that MC Clip was killed in the firefight between the Families and the Ballas, even if the player chose not to kill him. Despite this, he still posts on Bleeter after the mission, suggesting that he has, in fact, survived the gunfight. Both pieces of information contradict each other, resulting in a rather large oversight in the game.
  • If Franklin visits the Ammu-Nation in Sandy Shores, Melvin may tell Franklin that he loves MC Clip.
  • Parts of his persona appear to be based on that of rapper Kanye West who like MC Clip has proclaimed himself a genius and professed to be "a god" similar to Clip. His album The All New Messiah is likely based on Kanye West's album Yeezus which coincidently features the song "I Am a God". West also hails from Chicago, Illinois as does Clip's voice actor J. Wells.
  • His appearance and apparel is similar to that of rapper 50 Cent during the early 2000's.


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