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Maccer is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Maccer is the lead singer of The Gurning Chimps. and is on his first tour of America. He was voiced by Shaun Ryder.

"Maccer" maintains an actual website,

Character inspiration

Maccer's appearance was inspired by Ian Brown, lead singer of the Madchester band The Stone Roses. His hat has a lemon slice on the front; lemon slices were featured on the album art of The Stone Roses' first album.


Born in Salford in 1965, Maccer broke into the music scene in an unstated year. He became the lead singer of a band called The Gurning Chimps, and invented the musical style called "EXTREMELY BAGGY." He became notorious for his hard partying lifestyle and breaking musical taboos. These abuses contributed to a stuttering voice and hypersexuality in the form of compulsive masturbation.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Under the management of Kent Paul, the Chimps left England in 1992 for their first tour of America. While in Bone County, San Andreas, Kent Paul took Maccer and the rest of the Gurning Chimps on a "peyote safari" supplied by The Truth. When The Truth came to the next morning, he was in a bathhouse in Los Santos with the Chimps nowhere to be found. He enlisted the help of Carl Johnson, who drove to the desert where they'd last been seen, but found only Paul and Maccer, who were in trouble with some local snake farmers. Although CJ helped Paul and Maccer escape, the other members of the Chimps were presumed dead. Paul said that "drummers and keyboardists are ten-a-penny anyway" and showed no concern over them.

Maccer and Paul continued to follow Carl around, and when he ended up getting involved with Ken Rosenberg and the Mafia, Paul and Maccer were seized by the Leone Family as bargaining chips under the orders of Salvatore Leone. Carl eventually managed to smuggle Paul and Maccer, along with Rosenberg, out of Las Venturas and back to Los Santos, where they stayed for some time in Madd Dogg's Crib.

Post-San Andreas

Five months after the events of GTA SA, the other members of The Gurning Chimps were found. Kent Paul tried to claim that they'd never been missing and were just "on break". The Gurning Chimps then embarked on a world tour. Maccer was banned from Australia[1], and went into rehab and was brought into the Epsilon Program by Cris Formage.[1] After his rehab, a long series of legal battles interrupted his career.[2] As of 2004 he was planning a comeback tour.[3]

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • During the mission Don Peyote if the player waits long enough Maccer will say he has to use the bathroom, and will then get out and urinate. A small animation will be shown before he gets back in the car. If the player decides to not to stop, Maccer will instead pee in the car, resulting in a very different series of conversation between him,  Kent Paul, and CJ.
  • During the same mission, Kent Paul will also have a need in the car if the player wait long enough (he has to "hurl" his food). If the player decides to keep on going and not stop the car, Maccer will egg on (literally) Kent Paul to such a degree that CJ told him to "knock it off".
  • As shown through out the game after Don Peyote, Maccer has a serious habit of "beating the Big Willie" (as Sweet would put it later on) to such a point that during the intro cut scene to "Cut Throat Business", when Kent told him to imagine Margaret Thatcher, Maccer still "went off" while screaming "Maggie!!!" into the air, much to the dismay of Kent Paul.



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