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"I'm warning you. I'm in a really bad fucking mood. Today I kill everybody who fucks with me! Especially you! Move!"
— Catalina.

Made in Heaven is a cutscene mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at Catalina's Hideout in Fern Ridge, Red County.


Catalina is in a bad mood and wants CJ to know that she doesn't love him anymore and wants to be just partners.


  • Even though Catalina states during the cutscene that she doesn't want to be romantically involved with Carl, she will still call him "lover" during the robbery made.

Video Walkthroughs

PS2 Version PC Version
GTA San Andreas - ps2 - 38 Made in Heaven01:45

GTA San Andreas - ps2 - 38 Made in Heaven

GTA San Andreas 39 Made in Heaven (PC)01:45

GTA San Andreas 39 Made in Heaven (PC)


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