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Magellan Avenue is a long street located in Del Perro, Del Perro BeachVespucciVespucci Canals and La PuertaLos Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


The street begins at the south part of Bay City Avenue and heads northwest, parallel to Vespucci Beach Sidewalk, until it merges with Del Perro Freeway, near Equality Way.

It has connections to Melanoma StreetGoma Street, Aguja Street, Palomino AvenueVitus Street, Cortes Street, Conquistador Street, Vespucci Boulevard and Sandcastle Way.

Places of Interest


Del Perro

  • Al Dente's (corner of Sandcastle Way)
  • Seagrass Herbals


  • A&R Market (corner of Vespucci Boulevard)
  • Beach Buddie Convenience Store
  • Beach Combover Barber
  • Beachwalk & Talk
  • Bean Machine
  • Nut Buster (corner of Cortes Street)
  • Oldie But Goodie Antiquities (corner of Conquistador Street)
  • Smoke Shop
  • Steamboat Beers Liquor Store (corner of Palomino Avenue)
  • Venetian Hotel & Restaurant (corner of Conquistador Street)
  • Vespoochers
  • Vespucchil

Vespucci Canals


  • Andy Moon's contact point (in front of Nut Buster)


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