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"Well, hello"
―Magenta after seeing Franklin Clinton walking in.

Magenta Andrews is a character of the Grand Theft Auto series appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. She appears in The Long Stretch as one of Denise Clinton's exercising buddies.


Magenta is a new age sexual guru who is guiding a group of feminists led by Denise Clinton through a series of vaginal clenching exercises. She wears a loose-fitting white outfit and is barefoot illustrating her 'spiritual guru' persona.

Despite being a new age guru, who would normally have an aversion to popular technology, she has a Bleeter account named @MagentaFreeLove where she posts Bleets about her personal surveys about sex claiming that "9 out of 10 men find sex with post-menopausal women more enjoyable."

She also has a Lifeinvader private account, where you can see her full name. She's appears on Denise Clinton's friends list.

Appearances in GTA V



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