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A Majestic in GTA San Andreas (Rear quarter view).

The Majestic is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Majestic is a 1980s two-door coupe based on a 1982-1987 Buick Regal. The car performance is ranked in a mid range; although its top speed is slightly above average, its acceleration and braking are generally average, and its cornering is relatively stable given its rear wheel drive.

The Majestic is one of three gang cars driven by members of the Ballas. However, it is not the best choice for performing drive-bys, as it is a two door car - meaning that only one gang member can accompany the player. The Majestic has low sex appeal.


The car can only be modified at TransFender garage:

  • Colors (two external areas)
  • Hood Vents (two varieties)
  • Exhaust (three varieties)
  • Nitro (all)
  • Spoilers (four varieties)
  • Side Skirt
  • Wheels (ten varieties)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics


  • The default radio station in the Majestic is Bounce FM.
  • The car appears on the mission High Stakes, Low Rider, but the car isn't a lowrider.
  • The Majestic's name is a play on the word "Regal".
  • The Majestic is one of the few cars in the game to have 1 exhaust pipe showing, but 2 smoke streams coming out the back.
  • Two unique colors of the Majestic yellow and blue in the mission, High Stakes, Low Rider.
    Majestic unique colors

    The Majestic blue and majestic yellow

  • This was the beta name of Faction in Grand Theft Auto: IV


  • The Majestic can usually be found in any area that the Ballas are in control of, but after the player has acquired all of the Ballas' "turf", the Majestic becomes extremely rare, only spawning indefinitely in one location in Los Santos, specifically, in the parking lot under the Mulholland Intersection in Downtown Los Santos. This is not a great loss, however, since it is a fairly average car, and is not one of the cars requested by the Easter Basin docks in San Fierro.
  • A flame-proof Majestic can be found during the mission High Stakes, Low Rider.

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