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"Nice introduction to Los Santos... if you've only seen it on postcars or in TV shows. Takes you along Eclipse Blvd, through Rockford Plaza and past the golf club. Point to point race for cars."
— Description

Mall or Nothing is a race and the first mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the Online-Player by Lamar Davis.


After getting off the plane in Los Santos, Lamar picks the player up at the airport and gets knowledge of the player and talking to them on the way, giving them a gun to survive in the city. Lamar will let the player out of the car, who in turn walks to a mission marker, where the mission begins and he will race the player. It is a race all over the northern part of Los Santos. After winning the race, Lamar will inform the player about his friend and drug dealer Gerald, telling the player that he received a call from Gerald that there's a deal going on under the Olympic Freeway and Gerald is interested in the stuff, also directly unlocking the next mission, Learning The Ropes.

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