Carl Johnson goes to Burger Shot to find OG Loc. He decides to ask one of the employees.
CJ Hey, 'scuse me. Loc around here?
Employee What? Who? You want fries with that?
CJ Loc, is he available for coh-myoo-nee-kay-shun?
Employee Who? Loc? Oh you mean Jeffrey! Yeah, our Appliance Technician called in sick so Jeff- Loc, he got promoted.
CJ So...
Employee So, he's out back cleaning the fryer.
CJ *goes to the back and sees OG Loc* Hey, what up, Loc?
OG Loc CJ. What's up, homie? Hey - my shit is so tight right now, it's about to bust!
CJ So you happy now, homie?
OG Loc Happy? Man, hell, no. I can't take this shit much longer. Man, I'm an artiste! I'd rather be inside! Man, I can't get a deal for nothing. Motherfuckers always wanna keep a nigga down. And that Scipio, Madd Dogg's manager, is putting it one me real heavy, man. He crampin' my style for real.
CJ Heavy? Man, he's five foot three.
OG Loc But that fool strong. Man, we gotta take him out. He done blackballed me, man. I can't get in the game no way. I told you I'm an artist, a communicator and nobody can even hear my message. He's going around, telling everybody I'm whack.
CJ Well, he obviously ain't heard your new shit. That shit is outrageous.
OG Loc That's what I'm talking about, man. Down, with a frown, on the town, a sad clown.
CJ Alright, so what you want me to do?
OG Loc *whispers* I want you to take that motherfucker out!
CJ Kill him?
OG Loc Well, I didn't mean date him. Listen, he's gonna be attending some awards ceremony, and that's the only time he leaves Dogg's side.
CJ goes to Burger Shot in Temple in order to steal a car of Scipio's driver.
CJ *phone rings* Ah Loc, what's up now man?
OG Loc One of the Madd Dogg's chauffeurs just left the Burger Shot across town. Said he was headed over to the Music Awards.
CJ Good lokin'. I'm a see if I can catch up with them.
Driver *CJ damages the car and driver gets out* Hey, what the fuck are you playing at?
CJ steals black Elegant and goes to meet up with other drivers.
Driver Hey, what kept you? Come on we need to go and pick up the boss!
Meanwhile at Music Awards ceremony Scipio is being interviewed.
Reporter Congratulations on your award, you must be thrilled!
Scipio Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd like to thank my fans, my momma and my dealer.
CJ follows two other driver in black Elegants to ceremony to pick up their boss.
Driver Stick close and let's roll! *approaching ceremony* Keep frosty, guys.
CJ stops the car near Cathay Theater. Scipio and his girl sit down in the car.
Scipio Hey, man. Take me back to Dogg's mansion.
CJ Not today, asshole. Today we're taking the scenic route, via the bottom of the ocean. *sound of door lock*
CJ speeds away with Scipio and his girl in the car.
Driver Security team, the principle has been kidnapped. Rescue him at all costs!
Scipio *girl is screaming all the time* Who the fuck are you? Where's my usual driver? Unlock this fucking door! I can't fucking swim, you fucking psycho!
CJ Ah, so I've heard!
Scipio What do you want, fool, money? I got bitches, loads o'fine bitches, take 'em. They'll do anything you want! You want a record contract? Man I can make any fool a superstar! I know people in this town, powerful people! Dangerous motherfuckers! You Grove Street Families? I know Ballas OG's, we're like brothers! They'll fuck you up so bad!
CJ Shut up! *girl continues to scream*
CJ drives Elegant to a pier in Verona Beach, with Carl bailing out just before the vehicle plunges into the water.
Scipio *in slow motion* Holy FUUUUUUUUUUCK!