The Diaz Mansion in GTA Vice City.

Mansions are home to some of the protagonist, antagonists and mob bosses throughout the GTA series. Mansions can usually be purchased after a major mission is completed in the game, while other mansions cannot be purchased.


In GTA III, the Colombian Cartel use a mansion called the Cartel Mansion, which is located in Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City. The complex includes a pool, garden and a garage. It is also the largest building located within Cedar Grove. Towards the end of the game, it is used by Catalina as a base of operation. It is revealed in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories that in 1998, the mansion was owned by Donald Love, until he was blackmailed by the Cartel and finally left the city with the help of Toni Cipriani. 

GTA: Vice City

Prawn Island features three abandoned mansions in Vice City, which are now populated by the Sharks gang.

Starfish Island features many mansions that are still in use, including one, Diaz Mansion, which is acquired after killing Ricardo Diaz.

GTA San Andreas

The rapper Madd Dogg owns a large mansion in Mulholland, Los Santos, which is later used by Carl Johnson as a safehouse. There are also various large mansions scattered around Mulholland and Richman.


There are three large mansions in Westdyke, along Owl Creek Avenue. One of them is the residence of the world's richest family, the Von Crastenburg Family and the other one next door is home to the Paris Hilton-inspired celebrity Cloe Parker. The third one is home to Bryce Dawkins and his family. Mikhail Faustin owns a mansion in Beachgate, Broker.


Michael De Santa owns a mansion in Rockford Hills while Franklin Clinton owns a mansion in Vinewood Hills, the both are safehouses in the game. Devin Weston also owns a estate in Tongva Hills. There is another mansion in Richman.