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|name = Marabunta Grande
|name = Marabunta Grande
|game = V
|game = V
|locations = [[East Los Santos]]<br>[[El Burro Heights]]<br>[[Murietta Heights]]
|locations = [[East Los Santos]]<br>[[El Burro Heights]]<br>[[Murrieta Heights]]
|leader = Unknown
|leader = Unknown
|type = Salvadorian Street Gang
|type = Salvadorian Street Gang

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Marabunta Grande is a Salvadorian street gang in GTA V who are heavily involved in drug trafficking. According to Weazel News they are currently at war with the Hispanic gang Varrios Los Aztecas over the drug trade and drug trafficking in Blaine County. Weazel News also reported that a recent shootout occurred between the two gangs in the Grand Senora Desert. Marabunta Grande also appear in the arms trafficking side mission and try to steal the package from Trevor Philips.


Marabunta Grande members can be found in their territory of East Los Santos specifically El Burro Heights and Murrieta Heights. They are often seen standing on the sidewalks or sitting on porches. Marabunta Grande members are very territorial, and will attack if provoked.


Marabunta Grande members can easily be identified by their full-face and arm tattoos, long black or white bandanas, and old school cholo-style clothing. Their dominant color is blue.


  • They are based off the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13).
  • "Marabunta grande" means "Big plague" in Spanish.




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