Marco Forelli is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In his appearence in GTA San Andreas he has no voice actor as he does not speak throughout his appearance. His voice actor in GTA Vice City is currently unknown.


Events of GTA Vice City

Marco Forelli, his brother, the Forelli Family Don Sonny Forelli, and his right-hand man discuss Tommy Vercetti's release from prison, after he was arrested and jailed for killing eleven men during a botched hit; serving fifteen years behind bars. The mobsters decide to send Tommy to Vice City to man their drug operations there for a few months.

Life before 1992

Six years later, Marco become the leader of the organization in 1992, after his brother Sonny was killed by Tommy Vercetti in 1986. It is under Marco's leadership that the Forelli family begins to decline, eventually losing their role as the most powerful mafia family in Liberty City to the Leone Family.

Events of GTA San Andreas

In 1992, Marco, as leader of the Forelli Family, agreed to a joint investment between his family, the Leones, and the Sindaccos in the Las Venturas luxury casino Caligula's Palace. They appoint Ken Rosenberg as the middle man, who would be killed if any problem rises between the families.

When the Four Dragons Casino opened, Johnny Sindacco, the leader of the Sindacco Family and a few other gangsters go and cause trouble there, while the others escape, Johnny is captured by Guppy and Carl Johnson attaches Johnny in the front of a Feltzer and drives in high speeds through the city of Las Venturas attempting to get information about his family. After the drive, Johnny was heavily scared and was admitted to a hospital. On the day he was supposed to get discharged, Marco Forelli sends a fake ambulance and picks up Johnny to kill him. Under the orders of Ken Rosenberg, Carl Johnson intercepts the ambulance and takes Johnny to the Sindacco Abattoir. After the death of Johnny, Salvatore Leone moves into Las Venturas. Marco Forelli sends 4 mafia hitmen to Las Venturas via a Shamal. Carl intercepts the plane and kills the Forellis and the pilot. To take revenge, Salvatore Leone betrays the Forellis and sends Carl Johnson to Liberty City to assassinate Marco, which he does, cornering and shooting him in the back of Marco's Bistro.

The character's name was never mentioned in both games, although audio and text files from GTA San Andreas with his name remain[1].

Mission Appearance

GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas



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