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Mariachi is a character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Role in game

The mariachi's real name is Mani, he appears near Alta neighborhood, he is found speaking entirely in spanish, all of his comments are related to telling pedestrians that he is a human being with feelings as everybody else and that he does not deserve the threat he receives in Los Santos by being a mexican.


  • Though Mani is an actor in game instead of a Mariachi, there are mariachis in the game, they can be found on the first mission of "Minute men" a series of missions given by the border civil patrol.
  • He will react different to each of the main characters, showing fear to Trevor as he tells him he understands a bit of spanish.
  • Some of his talks include info about him such as that only for being mexican he can only find job acting as salsa instructors, mariachis, gang members, etc.

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