His profile picture

Mark Tenninch is the name used by a male user in Grand Theft Auto IV. No matter how many times Niko Bellic contacts him, he will never date him.


  • His last name sounds like "10 inch", which is likely a reference to the size of a penis.
  • He can also be found as the Algonquin most wanted list under the name Christov Mahonvic. Mahonvic is a Russian born criminal who worked for both Vlad Glebov and Mikhail Faustin. Although it is possible to kill him during both encounters, he somehow survives and he continues his criminal lifestyle up to the point where he is wanted by the L.C.P.D.
  • It is possible that Tenninch is Mahonvic's secret idenity.
  • A picture of him can be found in Vladimir Glebov's Comrades bar. His profile picture is actually a direct cut of it, on the actual picture he is also seen holding a bottle of beer.