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Marki Ashvilli was an Eastern European businessman who owned the Liberty City Rampage hockey team, and a character in The Ballad of Gay Tony. In a Weazel News report, Ashvilli comes under scrutiny for his supposed dealings with Russian criminals and speculation of selling off the Rampage; however, a spokesman representing him states that the rumors are false. Ray Bulgarin makes an offer to buy the Rampage from Ashvilli; however, Ashvilli refuses to sell the team. He unsuccessfully attempts to have Bulgarin arrested by using corrupt law enforcement officers to plant evidence in Bulgarin's car. When negotiations to buy the team fall through, Bulgarin ordered Luis Lopez to infiltrate the MeTV Building and kill Ashvilli. After dealing with Ashvilli's guards on the upper floors, Luis corners Ashvilli in his boardroom and kills him. If Luis listens to Marki's last words, he will tell him of an incident with an underage Latin girl, thinking either that was the reason he was sent or that he was sent by the Kremlin to assassinate him.

Mission Appearances


  • His name implies he may be Georgian, as "shvilli" is a common occurrence in Georgian names. However, the Liberty Tree news article hints that he is from Russia, but that does not mean he is Russian as many Georgians live in Russia prior to Soviet times.
  • The player may kill Ashvilli any way he wishes; however, to earn 100% for Dropping In..., Ashvilli must be knocked out of the boardroom's window to fulfill the "Ashvilli Plummet" requirement.
  • He can be heard telling his guards, subordinates and henchmen to sacrifice themselves for him, promising to reward their families.

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