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"Whether you're up close or a disconcertingly long way away, this weapon will get the job done. A multi-range tool for tools."
Rockstar Games Social Club description.

The Vom Feuer Marksman Rifle is a sniper rifle featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It was added with the Last Team Standing Update.


It is based on the M39 EMR/Mk. 14 Mod 1 EBR, with the stock derived from the Carbine Rifle, while the magazine is similar to the M59/66 SKS. The weapon is different from the two other sniper rifles available in the game; unlike those, it is possible to move while aiming with the rifle without needing to enable the "Allow Movement While Zoomed" control option, but the scope cannot be zoomed in, making it have the shortest range of every other weapon of its type. It has a high rate of fire but deals low damage, and the lack of scope zoom can make it impractical for long-range fights.

GTA V Overview

Rate of fire

(Rounds per minute)

Reload speed

(Time taken to reload)

Damage per shot Effective range

180 RPM

1.65 seconds




Rounds & magazine GTA V GTA Online (Unlock)
Rounds (16) $84 $122
Default clip (8 rounds) Default Default
Extended clip (16 rounds) $9030 $9030
Flashlight (provides ilumination when aiming) $2550 $2550
Scope (expands field of view, owned by default) $11200 (game files) $11200 (games files)
Suppressor (silences but slightly reduces damage and range) $12500 $12500
Grip (improves stability and accuracy) $4400 $4400
Black Default Default
Army $5000 $5000
Green (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $7500 $7500
Orange (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $5500 $5500
LSPD $5750 $5750
Pink (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $7500 $7500
Gold (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $10000 $10000
Platinum (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $12500 $12500


FPS Gallery


  • Strangely, it ejects larger casings than the Heavy Sniper, which should be a higher caliber than it.
  • The Marksman Rifle functions similarly to the cut Assault Sniper; both being based on marksman rifles, and having Fire Rate and Accuracy over Damage.
  • Oddly, the model of the rifle seen on Social Club and as a display in Ammu-Nation in the enhanced version has the scope omitted.


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