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Marlon Bridges is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Marlon Bridges is a member of the North Holland Hustlers. He is a crack cocaine dealer, dealing in North Holland and Northwood. At one point in his life, he called the North Holland Hustlers' leader Playboy X a rat, angering Playboy. Playboy then sent out Niko Bellic to look for Marlon at the basketball court in Northwood. There, Niko took a picture of a group of gang members and sent the picture to Playboy. Playboy then confirmed that the one with the fancy coat was Marlon, and Niko then killed him.


  • In Photo Shoot, he can have either a yellow, blue, black, green or a red coat.

Mission apparences


LCPD Database information

Surname: Bridges

First Name: Marlon

Age: 21

Place of Birth: Northwood, Liberty City

Affiliations: Member of the North Holland Hustlers street gang

Criminal Record:

  • 2003 - Possession Controlled Substance: Crack Cocaine
  • 2004 - Assault


  • Ambitious crack cocaine dealer in North Holland.
  • Believed to be angering the dominant dealing operations with his business expansion.

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