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"Needless to say, nobody actually sails these things."
— GTA Vice City Website
"The Marquis is the perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern decadence."
DockTease webpage, GTA V

The Marquis is a sailboat that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Grand Theft Auto V. It is manufactured by Dinka in the HD Universe.


The Marquis is a long single-hull sailboat with a Bermuda rig and a propulsion motor in the rear, features that have not changed much since its introduction. While one of the largest boats in the games and common in various locations of the games, the boat is significantly slow (due to its underwhelming motor) and has stiff controls. Despite its design, the ship's sails are of no practical use as they are down and completely rolled up.

While the Marquis in pre-GTA IV games have long been depicted as a leisure sailboat, the GTA IV rendition of the Marquis sports a more luxurious design with additional living quarters underneath the mast. In comparison to the former's blocky design, GTA IV rendition is also sleeker and modernized.

In GTA V, the Marquis may spawn with either two sails attached to the mast, or with no sails at all. Similar to previous games, the sails are simply for decorative purposes, and serve no practical use. The sails may flutter loosely in the wind, but they do not move the boat in any way. Unlike previous games, the Marquis' mast is solid and will not be able to pass through solid objects such as bridges.

Its only advantage is to be able to carry lots of people, which is of little use, unless if in multiplayer. Also, it can be used to transport large gangs in GTA San Andreas, but other, smaller boats can also easily carry 8 people, like the Reefer, Tropic or Coastguard.


There are two older versions at the Grand Senora Desert.

  • One is made of wood. It's missing the propeller, but there's no other sign of damage. The rear of the ship has a panel with "MARQUIS" written on it.
  • The other has an identically shaped hull, looks newer and isn't made of wood. It has a propeller, but is missing the mast. This one has no name, but there's "LS 4145 RS" written near the front end.


Notable Owners


GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

GTA Vice City Stories



  • Often found sailing along the west coast of San Andreas.
  • Above the sunken paddlewheel ship.
  • Can be found in the purchasable boat docks near Vespucci Beach.
  • Can be bought on the DockTease website for $413,990.
  • Older unusable version:
    • The wooden one is at a farm to the west of Sandy Shores Airfield.
    • The slightly newer looking, but mastless one is about 0.25 miles to the south-east of the wooden one.
    • 2x newer version with a mast and flags are on dry land in the drydocks in the middle of Elysian Island, next to Olifantus.

GTA Online

  • Can be bought on the DockTease website for $423,990.


GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Stories

  • According to the game manual, the Marquis costed $84,800 in August 1984.


  • Due to the mast being a vehicle's part, it can still be carried by a Cargobob. However, the boat will sometimes cause the helicopter to crash.

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