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"Liberty City. Swingers Baseball. Statue of Happiness. Ugly women. Sleazy politicians. Gun crime. The most self-absorbed place on Earth. Yes, Liberty City."

Marta is a Puerto Rican drug mule and friend of Elizabeta Torres that appears in two missions in The Lost and Damned.

In the mission Marta Full of Grace, Elizabeta sends Johnny Klebitz to pick up Marta from Francis International Airport in Dukes, as she is arriving with a large amount of cocaine hidden in her digestive tract. Unfortunately, a FIB fed discoveres what Marta is carrying and attempt to detain her, apparently to force her to give him blowjobs. After a shootout with the police, Johnny rescues Marta and takes her to Elizabeta's apartment.

She is again seen in the mission Shifting Weight, cooking in Elizabetha's kitchen. She offers Johnny some food, which he accepts, but doesn't get a chance to eat with Malc cutting in and stating the two need to leave.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned


  • Marta implies that she is a fan of the Liberty City Swingers baseball team, or minimally has knowledge of the team.
  • Marta is poorly proficient in the English language, and as a result uses Spanish for much of her appearance, creating a language barrier that leaves Johnny largely clueless of her thoughts. Much like the Serbian used by Niko Bellic and his Serbian acquaintances, the game translates Marta's Spanish into English via subtitles if it is enabled.

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