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"I'm not angry, I'm EX-CER-CISING!"
―Mary-Ann Quinn

Mary-Ann Quinn is a Stranger and Freak featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Mary-Ann is a high-strung, fitness obsessed nut who trains for foot and bicycle races as well as a triathlon.

She comes across as extremely angry, but will deny that she is when asked. She often offers up personal information about herself whether or not she has been asked. She'll also talk about personal problems, and then dismisses her own concern, though clearly her tone and actions prove that these things bother her greatly.

She appears to be utterly disdainful of males and usually berates them with a string of verbal insults, whether warranted or not. She's also convinced that every male that approaches her wants to have sex with her, which she is quick to make clear will not happen.

Trevor appears to be in love with her, but his sincerity is difficult to gauge and sometimes it appears that he's mocking her.

Mission Appearances

MaryAnn appears in the following Strangers and Freaks side missions:


  • MaryAnn is 39 and single.
    • She also humorously states she's in her 30s if Michael races with her in running gear.
  • She doesn't want to get pregnant because she is afraid of getting fat.
  • She was planning to have a child via a surrogate.
  • Despite obtaining her personal phone number, she never makes any calls or can be called on by any of the characters.
  • Michael De Santa is the only one of the three protagonists that she friends on Lifeinvader.
  • When she meets Trevor for his side-mission, she vehemently denies she has nothing in-common with him when he begins to come on to her but shares many of his traits, such as irrational anger, no emotional control and making no sense.
  • If you manage to get ahold of her bike you'll find that it has a much faster speed than any other bike in the game.

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