Maurice Goldberg is a character mentioned on the Liberty Tree website. Maurice Goldberg is not seen or mentioned in the Grand Theft Auto series.


"Mr. Leone is a dyslexic. Court tests prove it. His accounts are always in a mess, but he is not dishonest. Nor is he in the mafia. As a Sicilian, he knows some unsavory characters, but what kind of America is it when a man is guilty because of the friends he has? I don't want to live in an America like that, do you?"
―Maurice Goldberg after Salvatore's court case, as reported by Julius Cohen.

Maurice Goldberg is the lawyer of Salvatore Leone for his court case in 2001. The state brought charges of tax evasion and racketeering charges. However, Maurice Goldberg managed to get Salvatore Leone cleared of those charges, but not of illegally importing tomato sauce from Palermo, Italy. The punishment was a fine. Salvatore Leone had been to federal court four times before, however it is unknown whether Maurice Goldberg represented him.