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The logo of Max Payne 3.

Max Payne is a series of action games created by Remedy Entertainment and published by Rockstar Games. As with Manhunt, references are made to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Inter-series references

Grand Theft Auto 2

  • One of the garages found throughout Anywhere City is called Max Paynt. GTA 2 was released two years prior to the original Max Payne, when the game was still in development.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Max Payne 3

  • Sometimes, when you kill an eneny (at any chapter), you will hear Niko Bellic's death voice (the loud one).
  • Towards the end of the chapter "Anybody Can Buy Me A Drink", Max and Raul Passos storm a mafia-run chop shop. One of the vehicles within is a Cognoscenti stripped down to its frame.
  • In the same chapter, Max traverses a corridor inside an apartment building while being attacked from a nearby rooftop. If shot down from the roof, a mafia goon may emit the same scream of an "aliens" tramp from GTA IV.
  • The police cruisers found in Act 3 are modified Chavos.
  • Many telephones have been reused from the Drug Dealer's Apartment.
  • A magazine cover uses Liberty City's skyline but has the name "New York" on the front cover.
  • Many pictures of Liberty City can be found on the walls of various rooms.
  • In the chapter "A Fat Bald Dude With a Bad Temper", there are photocopiers branded "Power Ultra 3000 Pro" reused from GTA IV.
  • In the multiplayer map "Tiete River Docks", a wall has several pictures of aircraft from Grand Theft Auto V. The aircraft depicted are a beta Hydra, a Shamal, a Luxor and a Titan.
  • The "vehicle.ide" file that contains data from all vehicles in Max Payne 3 contains a "deprecated vehicles" section that contains the names of cars from GTA IV, such as the Cavalcade, Benson and Willard. It also refers to the Cuban 800, a plane that was revealed in GTA V's second trailer.
  • In the Chapter " One Card Left to Play " a Makeup advert near The Underground Airport train Station has Pillbox Hill Skyline in the advert background.

Grand Theft Auto V


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