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"Global line of women's beauty products manufactured from animal byproducts."
― Description at

Max Renda is a cosmetic company in the HD Universe.


It appears to be a play on real-life cosmetic company Max Factor. The player can buy stocks from the company on the website. Several of their adverts are also seen around Star Junction in Algonquin. Max Renda are also one of the sponsors of Liberty Rock Radio, as well as CNT program I'm Rich.





  • The name of the brand is a play on 'maximum rendering', the process of generating high-quality imagery using computer graphic software.
  • A Max Renda shop in renovations is used to go to the rooftops over the Vangelico jewel store to case the robbery and to throw the BZ Gas Grenades during the heist.
  • The girl in the advertisements is on the image of the second cover Vain beauty magazine and the eyes of the model is used on the walls of the renovation site in Rockford Hills.

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