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Are you looking for the McReary crime family?

The McReary Family refers to a family of seven in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony. It consists of Francis, Packie, Kate, Derrick, Gerald, their mother Maureen, and their father Mr. McReary.


Mr. McReary

The father of the McReary family has died before the events of GTA IV. He was believed to molest the boys.

Maureen McReary

The mother of the family, who claims they will all be judged in the end. She appears in the missions given in the McReary house.

Derrick McReary

Derrick is an extreme drug user. Born in Liberty City, he later moved to Ireland only to return in 2008. He participated in the bank robbery, spending most of his money on drugs. He would later hire Niko to do some work, and could later be killed in Blood Brothers for Francis McReary.

Missions Given

Francis McReary

Francis McReary is the first member of the family Niko will meet. He is introduced in the mission Street Sweeper alongside Manny Escuela. He would later text Niko as an anonymous contact to meet him in Castle Gardens; Niko would then go there discovering who he really is. His first four missions involve eliminating people blackmailing him & gangs operating in Uptown Algonquin. His fifth & final mission has Niko choose to kill Derrick while at the same time Derrick intervenes and asks you to kill Francis. He is frowned upon by his family & by Niko Bellic. He is a Deputy Commissioner in the LCPD.

Missions Given

Gerald McReary

Gerald McReary is a drug addict, alcohol addict, and very drugged man. He first meets Niko in the mission Three Leaf Clover, looking hostile, threatening, and high. After that mission, he would sign Niko up to damage the relation between the Ancelotti & Albanians. Then, he would be imprisoned and have Niko & Packie unsuccessfully kidnap & trade Gracie Ancelotti for Diamonds.

Missions Given

Patrick McReary

Introduced to Niko in Luck of the Irish where Niko protects him on orders of Elizabeta Torres, Packie gets Niko to come to his house three times for three missions; Niko meets Derrick McReary, Maureen McReary, Gerald McReary & Kate McReary in these missions. Packie is a joker amongst his siblings, and is looked down upon by Francis.

Missions Given

Kate McReary

Kate doesn't give any missions too Niko, and is the only female sibling of the 5 McReary's. She is not a criminal, and is actually a girlfriend of Niko Bellic. She will be killed in Mr. and Mrs Bellic if the option of revenge is chosen.

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