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Melee Weapons are featured in every Grand Theft Auto game after GTA III.

All Melee Weapons serve the same purpose (excluding the Chainsaw and the Teaser), to beat the victim to death. 

The following is a list of all melee weapons in the series.

Antique Cavalry Dagger

The Antique Cavalry Dagger is an old civil war Dagger with a hand-guard, it's more effective than the Knife and it can be used underwater.

Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat is the most common melee weapon in the series and it has appeared in every game since GTA III, it can knock down pedestrians.

Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles are used to enhance the player's punch, they are placed on the "unarmed" slot, they can knock down pedestrians, but not major enemies.

Broken Bottle

The idea of the Broken Bottle was derived from some movies, where a character grabs a bottle, breaks it and uses it as a knife. Unlike the Knife and the Dagger, it can't be used underwater.

Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife is basically the same thing as the regular Knife and it deals the same damage.


The Cane is used by people who can barely walk, in GTA San Andreas, it's in the Gifts slot, and however, it can't be given to any girlfriend.


The Chainsaw is an accessory used to cut trees, however, since the 50s, it's commonly used by assassins and serial killers. Unlike the Katana, it can't dismember pedestrians or enemies, yet, and it's very effective and powerful.


The Chisel is very similar to the Screwdriver and deals the same damage.


The Crowbar is used to unlock doors and break steel, it is very effective and fast, however, the Baseball Bat is more effective and it has a longer range.


The Dildo is an accessory for women; it can be used as a melee weapon and can be given to CJ's girlfriends. Dildos can be seen in GTA IV, but none of them can be picked up. In Chinatown Wars, the player can find Dildos hidden in Dumpsters, however, they can't be used.

Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is a tool used by firemen in order to break wood, ticks and even steel. It's very similar to the Meat Cleaver.


The Flashlight is used as a light source for dark areas. Also functions as a melee weapon.


Flowers are a gift for CJ's Girlfriends, but oddly can also be used as a weapon. More oddly, it's fairly effective.

Gaff Hook

The Gaff Hook is a tool used in Fishing. It basically operates the same way as the Cane and it deals the same damage.

Golf Club

The Golf Club is an accessory used to play Golf. In all of its appearances, it's not very effective against enemies.


The Hammer is a construction tool found in many construction areas. It is strong, as it can knock down pedestrians and easily destroy vehicles. In GTA V, it's exclusive to players who own the special/collectors edition of the game; however, any player can obtain this weapon in GTA Online by killing a player who owns it. It can be obtained by returning players in the enhanced version.


The Hatchet is a tool used to cut trees. This weapon is very effective; the protagonist will usually hit the neck or the head of an NPC.

Hockey Stick

The Hockey Stick is a tool used by Hockey players; it's a replacement for the Golf Club, as there are no Golf courses in Liberty City.


The Katana is a Japanese sword used by the Samurai and it's the oldest known weapon in the series. This weapon can be used to slice off heads of pedestrians and enemies with only one strike, being the most powerful melee weapon in the series. It has appeared in every game in the 3D Universe, except GTA III.


The Knife is a very useful accessory for hunting and defense. It has appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City onwards, except in Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. In some appearances such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and GTA V, it is notable for being used as a stealth weapon, as the player can use it to kill enemies without being spotted.


The Machete is a much bigger blade than the Knife and therefore is much more effective. Despite its name, in GTA Vice City it resembles more a Kukri than an actual Machete. It can't dismember enemies or pedestrians.

Meat Cleaver

The Meat Cleaver, as its name says, is an accessory used by butchers to slice cattle and pig meat, it's very effective and powerful.


The Nightstick is a melee weapons commonly used by the Police against the player, however, it's even less effective than the Golf Club.

Pool Cue

The Pool Cue is an accessory used to play Pool; this weapon is surprisingly more effective than the Shovel.


The Screwdriver is an accessory used to remove screws. It's small, light, cheap and effective and it's exclusive to GTA Vice City.


The Shovel is an accessory primarily used to dig, as its size suggests, it's very effective. It's exclusive to GTA San Andreas; however, it was supposed to also appear in GTA V.


The Switchblade is similar to the standard Knife, however, it has its own unique animations when it is equipped and unequipped. It also does the same damage.


The Sword is similar to the Katana, however, it can't dismember enemies or pedestrians. It is very effective and light, being ideal for an unarmed fight.


The Vibrator, like the Dildo, is an accessory for women. It shares its animations with the Knife and if a pedestrian is killed with a Dildo, CJ will "rape" the victim by pressing the attack button repeatedly. In GTA IV, it can be used as a thrown object. In GTA V, Amanda can be seen masturbating with a Vibrator. This weapon is unique for having three different models.

Beta melee weapons


  • In GTA Chinatown Wars, the Tazer is erroneously used as a melee weapon.

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