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Meltdown poster.


Meltdown is a 2013 motion picture produced by Richards Majestic Productions and executive-produced by Michael De Santa, featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The plot of the film involves the exploits of two business investors in Liberty City. Towards the end of the movie, it is revealed that their former mentor is trying to destroy every business in The Exchange. The two businessmen and their monkey pursue him in a satirical car chase. The dialogue openly references and lampshades clichés in Hollywood filmmaking. The trailer for The Simian is attached to the film.


Michael becomes attached to his film as a gesture of gratitude from Richards for assembling the cast and dealing with Rocco Pelosi, who initially prevented Richards from assembling the cast and later assaulted him in retaliation for Michael's actions.

At the film's premiere, Michael is cryptically informed by Devin Weston that he has sent Merryweather to attempt to murder Amanda and Tracey in retaliation for the accidental death of Molly Schultz. Michael and Jimmy arrive in just enough time to save the women. If the player chooses option C (the Deathwish ending), Michael receives a phone call after the mission where Solomon thanks Michael for his assistance and tells him that the film recieved mixed reviews but that is has become the biggest box office hit of his entire career.

Main Cast


  • It is a parody of the Wall Street films, in particular the original where a young stockbroker (played by Charlie Sheen) becomes involved with his hero, Gordon Gekko (Played by Michael Douglas).
  • Meltdown was "filmed" using the GTA IV engine, and all of the car designs from GTA IV are present, except for some cars during cutscenes.
  • Strangely enough, the film appears to be using the downloadable mod for GTA IV called iCEnhancer, which changes the lighting and textures significantly.
  • The film can be seen in cinemas even before its premiere in the mission Meltdown. This is possibly a developer oversight.
  • If the player watches this movie in a friend activity with Michael, he will sometimes say after the movie that the talking monkey was his idea.
  • Another comment from Michael after the movie is "They don't make 'em like they used to, but I'm glad they still make them", comepletely ignoring the fact that he was part of the production team.
  • Meltdown can still be viewed in GTA Online despite the fact that the game takes place a few months before the events of GTA V.
  • Most of the film was shot on green screen, a well-known method of enhancing films.
  • Sometimes when hanging out with friends in GTA V, Meltdown will be shown in all movie theatres, as a result of a possible oversight, or a glitch.
  • If Michael calls Solomon Richards after the mission Meltdown, he will use a phrase from this movie, the phrase is: "Capitalism depends of one thing and one thing only: a continuous supply of idiots."

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