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The Canis Merryweather Mesa is a modified off-road variant of the civilian Mesa used by Merryweather operatives which includes raised suspension, larger tires suited for off-roading, and a snorkel intake.

This variant also features various military enhancements such as reinforced bumpers, a winch, and a full tubular exo-skeleton with a roof rack and high-power lamps on the roof and the front grille. Like the regular Mesa, it may appear with or without its removable hard-top.

Performance-wise, the Merryweather Mesa is slower than its civilian counterpart but makes up for it with impressive torque, allowing it to climb near-vertical hills.


The Merryweather Mesa, like its civilian counterpart, resembles the 2007-2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The front fascia and grille resemble that of an old Toyota Land Cruiser. Although the Mesa is always a convertible, it may appear both with or without its removable hard-top.


The Merryweather Mesa is slow, but makes up for its off-roading capabilities and durability. It is fairly hard to damage a large amount, due to the exoskeleton.



  • The only way to obtain the Merryweather Mesa in single-player is to steal one and use it as a getaway car during the mission The Wrap Up. Only Michael can obtain the vehicle in this way, but through use of the character switching, Michael can transfer the vehicle to other characters. This will not work during a mission replay since the vehicle will disappear when the replay ends.
  • Michael can also obtain the vehicle by ramming the Mesa parked in front of his garage when Merryweather attacks his house; this will result in mission failure, as you will not get to Amanda in time, but the Mesa will remain. Or you can wait for your chance so mercenaries arrive in the Mesas.

GTA Online

  • Can be obtained by calling Merryweather mercenaries on someone (or yourself) and then stealing one from the soldiers.
  • Can be obtained by doing a mission that involves Merryweather and stealing one of the Mesas to take back to the player's garage.


  • In GTA Online, any crew emblem added to the Merryweather Mesa (which will be sprayed onto the left door in this case) will be rotated a quarter to the right.
  • The Merryweather Mesa can be modified at any Los Santos Customs in both GTA V and GTA Online. However, the bodywork cannot be modified.

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