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Merryweather Security Consulting is a private military company and security contractor featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


There appears to be two divisions of Merryweather Security. Like Gruppe 6, the first division provides onsite and property protection with uniformed guards; these guards can be seen patrolling properties in marked cars or walking the premises with a guard dog.

The second division is a paramilitary force equipped and trained for high-risk operations; this division is comprised primarily of former military servicemen, possibly Special Forces. The US Goverment employs this division as a courior service and it is implied the FIB and IAA use them as hired back up.

Events of GTA V and GTA Online

Sometime before the game's start, Merryweather is cleared by the American government to begin operating on US soil, both in service of the government and of other organizations in the private sector.

It begins experiancing setbacks almost immediately, as many of its aircraft are stolen by criminals contacted by Lester Crest. Crest also sends the same criminals to steal documentaion and cargo guarded by Merryweather on numerous occassions. Underground crime lord Martin Madrazo also sends hired goons after Merryweather interests.

Throughout the game, Merryweather suffers many problematic setbacks at the hands of the game's main protagonists, particularly those of Trevor Philips. During the game, Merryweather has one of the experimental weapons they were guarding for the US government stolen; one of their planes, which was carrying millions of dollars in weaponry, hijacked and taken down; one of their courier trains, carrying millions of dollars worth of priceless artifacts, derailed; dozens of their men killed at a massive shootout in the Kortz Center; several men killed after an unsuccessful house invasion, dozens of their men killed while unsuccesfully attempting to stop a heist at the Union Depository Building and (depending on the player's choice) one of their chief board members kidnapped, stuffed into a car, and rolled off a cliff.

By the end of the main storyline, Merryweather's reputation is in shambles after so many catastrophic failures, causing several of their regular clients to drop them from their payroll, including the US government. After losing the government contract, Merryweather loses clearance to operate on American soil and is forced to shut down several operations they'd started in the country, costing them millions of dollars.

Known Members


Mission Appearances

GTA Online

GTA Online

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players can call and hire Merryweather operatives for various reasons.

  • Ammo Drop $1000. Merryweather will drop an ammo crate, which will add some ammo to the gun that you're holding when you pick the crate up.
  • Backup Helicopter $5000 (Rank 20). Calls for a Buzzard helicopter to fly in and eliminate hostile players and other enemies. It will circle around the character for a while until it leaves.
  • Boat Pickup $250 (Rank 25).
  • Helicopter Pickup $1000 (Rank 30). Calls for a private Maverick to land at the player's location. Works like a taxi. The player can choose to kill the helicopter pilot and steal the Maverick instead.
  • Call Mercenaries $7500 (Rank 35). Calls for mercenaries to track and eliminate a player. They will appear as 4 armed operatives driving a Mesa and will continue coming until the player is dead. Should they not succeed, a full refund is then given to the contractor. If the target enters his appartment, mercenaries will stop attacking him.
  • Airstrike $8000 (Rank 50). After the payment is received, the player will be requested to drop a flare before a P-996 LAZER arrives. If the player goes underground or doesn't drop the flare before the jet flies overhead, the LAZER will return fly away, though with no refund given.


Merryweather's fleet of vehicles include:


  • Merryweather is a parody of Academi, formerly known as Blackwater, a private military company infamous for alleged human rights violations during the Iraq War. Like Academi, Merryweather had changed its name following an incident that resulted in negative public relations. 
  • Devin Weston apparently owns 11% of Merryweather. If the player chooses the "Deathwish" ending and kills Weston, Don Percival buys out the majority of Weston's stock in the company.
  • Throughout the story, Trevor makes references to Merryweather as the "New World Order's" private army and part of the Illuminati. Their emblem, the owl, is also a reference to the Illuminati and the Bohemian Grove conspiracy. In fact, when listening to private conversations with LSPD officers, they discuss the possibility of Merryweather eventually replacing them as law enforcement in the city. 
  • On their official website, a map of the World shows Merryweather has several operations and bases across the continents in locations such as Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America as well as the Middle East.
  • They will occasionally show up in gang attacks on GTA Online.
  • In GTA Online, they will temporarily suspend services if the player has recently been hostile towards them, i.e. kill them in gang attacks. However, they will not suspend services if you kill them during missions.( i.e. A Titan of a Job , Dry Docking, etc.)
  • In GTA Online, calling the Helicopter Pickup allows players to rappel out of the helicopter when it comes to stop if the helicopter is hovering in a suitable position, similar to how NOOSE teams may deploy from Police Mavericks.
  • The host of radio station Double Clef FM in Grand Theft Auto III was called Morgan Merryweather. It is reasonable to assume that there might be a connection, it may however also be a coincidence.


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