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#REDIRECT [[Mesa]]
| name = Mesa Grande
| front_image = MesaGrande-GTAVC-front.jpg
| image_size = 300
| caption = A Mesa Grande in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA Vice City]]
| rear_image = MesaGrande-GTAVC-rear.jpg
| vehicle_type = Civilian car
| body_style = 2-door SUV
| capacity = 2 (driver and passenger)
| appearances = [[GTA Vice City]]<br>[[GTA San Andreas]]<br>[[GTA Vice City Stories]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto V]]
The '''Mesa Grande''' is an off-road vehicle that appears in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] and [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. The vehicle is simply referred in GTA San Andreas in short as the "'''Mesa'''". The beta version of this vehicle was probably dubbed the "Desperado", as indicated in some game files.
== Description ==
=== Design ===
Resembling a 1987–1995 [[wp:Jeep Wrangler|Jeep Wrangler]] (as evidenced by its rectangular headlights and signal lights) and differing by its horizontal slitted grille design, the Mesa Grande is evidently a compact SUV with a heightened ground clearance and large wheels to facilitate offloading. The Mesa Grande comes in three variations with regards to the occupants' compartment, including a canvas top, a rollbar or nothing at all. The Mesa Grande can only seat two.
While more common in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, the Mesa is a rather rare vehicle in GTA San Andreas, as it does not spawn much, and only has prominent appearances in Missions and when wanted in the [[Exports and Imports]] side-mission. GTA San Andreas' Mesa, however, can be upgraded at [[TransFender]].
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="4" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="180">
MesaGrande-GTAVC-front.jpg|GTA Vice City<br>(<small>[[:Image:MesaGrande-GTAVC-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view, without a top and with a rollbar]]</small>).
Mesa-GTASA-front.jpg|GTA San Andreas<br>(<small>[[:Image:Mesa-GTASA-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view, without top]]</small>).
MesaGrande-GTAVCS-front.jpg|GTA Vice City Stories<br>(<small>[[:Image:MesaGrande-GTAVCS-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view, with top]]</small>).
=== Performance ===
The Mesa Grande's performance is similar to that of the [[Blista Compact]]; due to its light weight and short wheelbase, the Mesa Grande is significantly nimble and possesses above average pickup and torque than speed. However, as a compact SUV, the Mesa Grande only has a moderate top speed. Its light weight and stiff suspension may also result in frequent rollovers on uneven terrain or in accidents. The Mesa is powered by a six-cylinder engine, which appears to be turbocharged in San Andreas, and is 4-wheel drive.
== Variants ==
The Mesa Grande has been adopted for use by the [[National Guard]]. In GTA San Andreas, Mesa's are featured in "[[Robbing Uncle Sam]]" to be used by the National Guard (sometimes with a green roof), while a military variant of the Mesa Grande in GTA Vice City Stories, painted in military green, is available in the [[Fort Baxter Air Base]]. Both variants are still referred to by their original names, Mesa and Mesa Grande.
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="4" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="180">
Mesa-GTASA-RobbingUncleSam-withroof-front.jpg|The "military" Mesa in the mission "[[Robbing Uncle Sam]]", GTA San Andreas<br>(<small>[[:Image:Mesa-GTASA-RobbingUncleSam-withoutroof-front.jpg|Without a top and with rollbar]]</small>).
MesaGrande-GTAVCS-militarygreen-front.jpg|A "military" Mesa Grande in the [[Fort Baxter Air Base]], GTA Vice City Stories<br>(<small>[[:Image:MesaGrande-GTAVCS-militarygreen-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view, without top or rollbar]]</small>).
</gallery>[[File:Azvehdatabnc8military.jpg|thumb|Picture of the Mesa Grande driving of the back of a plane in the 2nd trailer for GTAV.]]
The Mesa can be modified at [[TransFenders]].
*Car Color 1 ($150)
*Twin Exhaust ($300)
*Large Exhaust ($250)
*Medium Exhaust ($200)
*Round Fog Lamp ($100)
*Square fog lamp ($50)
*2x Nitrous ($200)
*5x Nitrous ($500)
*10x Nitrous ($1000)
Side Skirts: ($500)
*Import ($820)
*Atomic ($770)
*Ahab ($1000)
*Virtual ($620)
*Access ($1140)
*Off Road Wheel ($1000)
*Mega ($1030)
*Grove ($1230)
*Twist ($1200)
*Wires ($1560)
Car Stereo:
*Bass Boost ($100)
Hydraulics ($1500)
The Transfender in [[Las Venturas]] charges 20% more for every modification except colors.
*The Mesa Grande plays the following radio stations by default when entered:
**[[West Coast Talk Radio]] or [[Bounce FM]] in GTA San Andreas.
*"Mesa Grande" is Spanish and Portuguese for big table.
*In GTA San Andreas, if a fat Grove Street gang member sits on the passenger seat of the Mesa, the seat will completely disappear and in its place will be his body. The seat will reappear again once the gang member exits the vehicle.
== Locations ==
;GTA Vice City
* Commonly spawned throughout Vice City.
* Sometimes spawns in the car park behind the [[Hyman Memorial Stadium]].
;GTA San Andreas
* During the mission "[[Robbing Uncle Sam]]" at the [[United States National Guard|army depot]] in [[Ocean Docks]], [[Los Santos]]. Occasionally features a dark green roof.
* At the base of [[Mount Chiliad]] (only when wanted for export).
* Importable from [[Easter Basin]] docks after third list completion for $20,000.
* During the mission "[[Misappropriation]]" in various spots around [[Aldea Malvada]], [[Tierra Robada]].
* Seen commonly in [[Verdant Bluffs]] and around beach areas in [[Los Santos]], such as [[Verona Beach]], [[East Beach]] and [[Santa Maria Beach]].
* Common around [[Missionary Hill]].
* Seen around [[Greenglass College]] and [[Blackfield Stadium]]
;GTA Vice City Stories
* [[1102 Washington Street]], [[Washington Beach]]
* A military version is found in the northwest area of [[Fort Baxter Air Base]].
;Grand Theft Auto V
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