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The Meteor is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2.


The Meteor is a sportscar distinguished by having exposed engine equipments on both the front and the rear sides. It is usually associated with the SRS Scientists, where they also have a variation of the vehicle.

The Meteor's internal name, STRATOS, suggests the vehicle is based on the Lancia Stratos.


The Meteor is not armored, but is the second fastest available car in the game, after the GT-A1 (the Wang Cars), available as a driveable vehicle in the multiplayer game.

Special Variants

  • Dr. LaBrat drives a unique black Meteor while chasing you in the Residential District's final mission, similar to other gang leaders. He is the last leader to drive a uniquely colored gang car, as the others drive normal ones.
  • Unmarked versions of the Meteor may been seen by using a data viewer. Unlike other gang cars in GTA 2, two versions of the unmarked Meteor exist instead of one. One features exposed equipment on the hood and trunk, while the other does not. Neither unmarked Meteors appear in game.


Both the Meteor and the SRS Scientist variation can be found in the Residential District of Anywhere City.


The Meteor gives the Invulnerability power-up when crushed.


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