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Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Spanish)
Flag of Mexico
CapitalMexico City
Official language(s) Spanish
Currency Peso (MXN)

Mexico is a country in North America, south of the US and north of Guatemala and Belize and west of Cuba. Various gangs, especially in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, have their roots in Mexico. Mexico is referenced in various games. In Mexico, Grand Theft Auto games are not edited and are generally released in that country without controversy. Technically, the ESRB is recognized in the country, but their decisions are not legally enforced. Grand Theft Auto games in Mexico are usually released the same day as in the United States.


GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

=GTA Vice City Stories

  • Cholos - A minor gang of antagonists, which the members are all Mexicans, despite the gang name "Cholos", a slang for Mexican OGs.


GTA Vice City

=GTA San Andreas


Grand Theft Auto V

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