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The Miara, also known as Y-Type is a fast vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Grand Theft Auto 2

The Miara is a sportscar used by the Yakuza gang, evidenced by the Yakuza logo. It is based on the real life Lamborghini Miura, judging by the internal name and its upward-facing headlights.


Grand Theft Auto 2

The Miara handles above average. It's top speed is pretty high, so is the handling, though the acceleration is pretty slow. It feels kind of heavy when driving, though it's arguably one of the better gang cars found in the game. It doesn't have a tendency to drift, unlike its rival, the Z-Type. It shares the same engine sound as the Z-Type, Furore GT, Meteor etc.

Notable Owners

  • Johnny Zoo drives a unique black Miara during the last mission in the Downtown District.

Image Gallery


Grand Theft Auto 2


Grand Theft Auto 2


  • Miara means "measure" in Polish.

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