Michael "Mike" Hunt is the DJ for Head Radio in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is voiced by Russ Mottla in both appearances.


By 1992, Mike was living in Prickle Pine in Las Venturas. By 1998, he moved to Liberty City and became the DJ for Head Radio. Mike develops a vendetta against Lips 106 for playing "Top 40" music as opposed to "real rock and roll music".

The name "Michael Hunt" is a censored form of the gag name "Mike Hunt" (which if said aloud, sounds like "my cunt"), which he even urges his audience to refer to him as. He often uses cheesy clichés, such as "rock around the clock 24/7" and "non-stop rock and pop" even going so far as to shout "cowabunga!" after a song. During a segment between songs, Hunt mentions he has a drug addiction, and as a result does not currently have contact with his children. He's also hinted at being a crossdresser, as evidenced by saying "When you're drunk and wearing a dress, anything could happen". He also changes his self-given nickname every time, for example Michael "Ax Wound" Hunt.

Mike calls in to Gardening with Maurice on WCTR, asking for advice on removing weeds from his driveway.

Hunt is one of the featured celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame in Grand Theft Auto V.