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Middle Park East, as seen towards the East from above Middle Park. The Libertonian is visible in front of the neighborhood.

Middle Park East is a neighborhood in Algonquin, Liberty City, located along the Humboldt River, north of Hatton Gardens by Nickel Street, south of Lancaster by Quartz Street and east of Middle Park by Columbus Avenue.


Middle Park East (red) in the Liberty City map.


Middle Park East shares the same characteristics with its neighbouring districts, Lancaster and Hatton Gardens. Middle Park East contains a variety of several high-rise apartments and commercial buildings, including one of Niko's safehouses. It is assumed that many businessmen in Algonquin reside in Middle Park East, since the area is filled with businessmen walking around. Unlike Middle Park West, these two neighborhoods have opposite personalities. Middle Park West and its surrounding area are centered on the arts and culture, whereas Middle Park East and its neighbours are more focused on business and commerce.


It is based on the Upper East Side, a high-end residential/commercial neighborhood in Manhattan.

Notable residents


In terms of Public Transportation, Middle Park East is served by two subway stations. The Quartz East station, connecting players to the A/J Algonquin Outer Line, has entrances at Quartz Street and Albany Avenue. The second station, East Park station, is located at Columbus Avenue, at the border between Middle Park and Middle Park East.

Places of interest

  • A Grotti dealership, at Bismarck Ave and Pyrite St, where several Turismos are on display. Liberty Rock Radio is the station that plays music inside the dealership (which is the only Car Dealer in GTA:IV to do so) and can be heard even when across the street of the building itself.
  • One of the two Perseus stores in Algonquin, also at Bismarck Ave and Pyrite St.
  • The Middle Park East Apartment , at Albany Ave and Pyrite St, which Roman Bellic buys after "Hostile Negotiation", one of the safehouses in Algonquin.
  • A 60 Diner, at Albany Ave and Nickel St, used solely by Niko Bellic to bring his friends or girlfriends to eat, and is unavailable when Niko is alone.
  • The Liberty State Delivery building at Columbus Ave (based on the James Farley Post Office).
  • Jousters, an upper-class social club at Columbus Ave featured in The Lost and Damned.
  • The Underground Parking lot (1 block from the gas station) is a great place to hide whilst playing multiplayer.


  • A large building in Middle Park East, owned by Cloe Parker, appears on the TV Show "I'm Rich". It is said to have 40 floors, but only has 24. She is probably counting the basment which may have 16 floors below the building.
  • Middle Park East only has one-way roads.


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