"'Lips' Forelli is stuffing his fat face in St. Mark's Bistro."
Joey Leone

Michael "Lips" Forelli is a minor character in the game Grand Theft Auto III. Mike is a high ranking member, possibly a Capo or Underboss of the Forelli Family only seen and killed in the mission Mike Lips Last Lunch.

There is no voice actor for Forelli as he does not speak during his appearance.


Most of Mike's life is unknown, beside that he joined to the Forelli Family when he was younger and later, possibly because he is blood relation, became a high ranking member of the family.

Events of Grand Theft Auto III

Joey Leone, of the rival Leone Family, tired of not receiving money the Forelli brothers owe him, has Claude kill Mike at his regular eatery, Marco's Bistro, in an effort to teach them a lesson. Claude stole Mike's car and had a bomb planted in his car, which exploded after Mike started the car.

Mission Appearences



  • In the scene where Mike dies, it is possible to see a plate outside the Marco's Bistro that says: "Eat 'til you explode!", certainly a reference to Mike's death and a joke of the game's developers. It can be considered an easter egg of the game.
  • In the mission, when the player enters the Mike's car, it always is tuned in the radio Lips 106. It's probably that Mike has gained the nickname of "Lips" because he liked this radio station.
  • Non-chronologically, but in order of release, Mike Forelli is the first named character killed in the 3D Universe.