Military Hardware is a heist setup the player must complete in preparation for The Paleto Score in Grand Theft Auto V. The mission can be conducted with any of the two protagonists: Michael De Santa or Trevor Philips.


The player must stop a military convoy, which consists of a Barracks and two Crusaders, that is driving through Grand Senora Desert and steal the Barracks containing the military hardware. After the hijack, the player needs to drive back to the Meth lab and park the truck behind Trevor's office. A few moments later the player will call Lester to tell him you have the gear. After the phone call the mission ends, and the heist has all the equipment it needs.

Mission Objectives

  • Intercept the military hardware.
  • Go to the meth lab.
  • Get out of the truck.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Head Hunter - Kill 5 enemies with a headshot.
    • Use Michael's special ability
  • Sticky Strategist - Stop the convoy using a sticky bomb trap.
    • Plant a sticky bomb on the road and detonate as the convoy passes.


  • Part of the convoy's route takes it through rural countryside. Whilst waiting to ambush the convoy, care must be taken by the player to watch out for dangerous wildlife which may attack the waiting protagonist.
  • Highly recommend to play this mission as Trevor. Use his special ability to attack all convoys so his health bar won't drop.


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  • The suit seems to be based on the distinctive all-body armor typically worn by military bomb-disposal personnel.
  • It is unknown if the Truck was sold or dumped.