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Trevor running away from rhino tanks.

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The Military Hardware is used in the fourth Heist in the game, The Paleto Score in which you rob "a bank in the sticks" as Lester calls it, Lester recommends the Paleto bank as the first heist however Michael instead chooses the Jewlery store. You get the Hardware by intercepting an army convoy than driving the Barracks OL back to the Meth lab and parking the truck behind Trevor's office. A few moments later the player will call Lester to tell him you have the gear, after the phone call ends the heist is availble. The Millitary Hardware resembles a large bomb disposal flak jacket, another point proving that it may be a bomb disposal suit is the fact that very little explosive damage is taken whilst wearing it however very little damage is taken from anything when the suit is on.


  • The suits seem to be based on the distinctive all-body armor typically worn by military bomb-disposal personnel.
  • Due to the suits' similarities with the "Juggernaut" armour from the Call of Duty franchise players often simply refer to the military hardware as juggernaut suit.
  • After the vault blows and the cash is grabbed the player's armour bar will fill to the top however it makes very little differance even without full armour. 

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