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Millie Perkins is one of Carl Johnson's storyline girlfriends in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, introduced in the mission Key to Her Heart. She is a croupier at the Caligula's Palace casino in Las Venturas. Like all the other girlfriends in the game (except for Denise Robinson), she is extremely fussy about the appearance of her boyfriend. She lives in a house in Prickle Pine in northern Las Venturas.

Millie becomes Carl's girlfriend for she holds the keycard to access the casino's restricted areas. Carl and The Four Dragons Casino owner Wu Zi Mu need this since they are planning to hold a heist in the casino. To obtain the keycard, the player can either date her until a specific level when she can give the player access to her house to obtain the keycard or the player can simply kill her. If the player does kill her, Woozie will call Carl, saying that he can now access Millie's house and get the keycard.

Millie is voiced by Orfeh.


Food Date

Millie likes restaurants; fortunately there's a restaurant not too far southwest of her house.

Dancing Date

Take her to the nearest dance club, a club east of The Camel's Toe.

Driving Date

Millie likes about an average speed, and has a pretty generous range of approval, so the player shouldn't have too much trouble keeping her happy. She also likes the area she lives at, so Carl can just drive her in circles around her neighborhood area.

Special Date

Millie's special date is definitely her easiest date, and probably her best since the player can get a 10% relationship boost from this date even before Millie starts inviting Carl in normally. To get this date, wear the gimp suit. Then, when showing up for a date, Carl would just go inside and have sex instead of having to deal with going places or doing things. With this date, Carl cannot give her any gifts or follow it up with coffee.


Millie will only invite inside her house for "coffee" when the relationship with her is about 40% (despite the fact that they have sex the first time they meet, it counts in the game as a different interaction).


  • At about 35%: After a date, Millie will call Carl and tell that he can go to her house to get her key card.
  • At 50%: The player is rewarded the keys to her car, a pink Club.

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • Unlike other girlfriends, there is no reward when the relationship with Millie gets to 100%. However, dating her provides access to the keycard, the Gimp Suit (obtained during Key To Her Heart), the Croupier Suit (after Breaking the Bank at Caligula's), the Club, and last but not least dating her makes it possible for Carl to receive the large reward after the final Casino mission, so all this compensates for no explicit 100% reward.
  • Although Millie makes mention of splitting the take in the Caligula's job as a condition of letting Carl take the key card, there is no indication of this happening after the mission, and Carl can continue dating Millie with no further reference to it.
  • There is a picture of Millie on a magazine, in her sex suit, in Luis' safehouse in his bookcase in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • Millie is also seen on a magazine called Rogue in her sex suit at the Johnson House.
  • In some safe houses there are pictures of Millie in a bikini.
  • On dates, however, she will still wear her Caligula's uniform. The cutscene in which she wears her sex suit is the only time one of the girlfriends is seen wearing a different outfit.
  • Technically, Millie is the only girlfriend Carl is required to maintain in order to attain 100% completion, although as noted it's possible to obtain the keycard from her without dating. If the player is only following main-storyline missions, since the Caligulas heist strand is optional, it's possible to complete the game (though not to 100%) without meeting Millie.


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