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This article or section refers to content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is not featured on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.
"That's right, your time is now."
―Rockstar Newswire description.

The Vapid Minivan Custom is a four-door lowrider-style minivan added to Grand Theft Auto Online on April 12th, 2016 as part of the continuation of the Lowriders: Custom Classics update.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The Minivan Custom features only minor changes by default. In the side profiling, changes have been made to the suspension system, where the ride-height is lowered, and the wheels have been cambered negatively for stability and traction purposes, as well as further expanding suspension capabilities. The tyres are now white-wall by default, as with all low riders. The vehicle gets custom lowrider wheels with updated tread.

The vehicle retains its original front and rear fascias, and side body profiling has only minor changes. The rear doors are now sliding and therefore the hinge system has been altered and the door handle has been moved to the front of the door.

The rear features no changes, except hydraulic pumps are installed in the trunk, The rear also lacks the "24v" badge (which is now featured only on the front grille). Many of the interior feature's colors are themed with the primary color of the vehicle, including the steering wheel and seats.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

The vehicle has upgraded performance in stock form, where acceleration has minor improvements. Due to the low ride height, the vehicle has a tendency to get caught on curbs, however the turning radius is now improved thanks to the cambered wheels, which can subsequently fix this issue. Braking and deformation have no changes. Its top speed appears to have been increased slightly. Its curb weight also seems to have been reduced.

GTA Online Overview

Vehicle Statistics - Grand Theft Auto V
(0-60 mph in Seconds)
Top Speed
(mph / kmh)
Gears Engine Drivetrain
(kg / lbs)
Fuel Tank
Size (litres)
N/A 78 / 125 4 N/A AWD
60% FWD
40% RWD
2200 / 4850 65
Website Statements [?] / Badges
N/A N/A N/A 24v (24 valves) (Badging) N/A N/A N/A
Observed / First-Person Speedometer (Enhanced version)
N/A N/A N/A FR SOHC V8 (In-game model) AWD Cannot be observed Cannot be observed
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Grand Theft Auto Online

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