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Minor Turbulence is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by protagonist Trevor Philips to himself.


Trevor must hijack a cargo plane, by crashing into the aircraft's cargo bay, with his Duster. After exiting the now destroyed duster Trevor takes cover and uses a combat mg  to kill the  merrywheather mercs on board. After Trevor makes his way to the cockpit he is confronted by a single pilot who threatens Trevor with a pistol. After the pilot is killed Trevor takes control of the cargo plane.

Soon afterwards, two US Air Force P-996 LAZER jets arrive and demand that Trevor land the plane or be shot down.

Trevor refuses to comply, and one of the plane's engines is hit by a missile. Forced to abandon the plane, Trevor must jump out from the back, and parachute to safety. The plane crashes into the Alamo Sea.


  • Trevor mentions Hove Beach, a neighborhood in GTA IV.
  • The plane will always crash into the sea regardless where the player bails out.
  • The cargo plane has many similarities to a large cargo plane featured in Saints Row The Third.
  • On approach whilst in the Duster, Ron claims the cargo plane has four jets however it has four pods each containg two jets.
  • The soldier carrying the Rocket Launcher will only shoot 3 or 4 rockets at the player.
  • In the beta mission, there was a Crusader instead of a Mesa.



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