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"Grr...Fucking Civil Border Patrol!"
Trevor Phillips

Minute Man Blues is a mission given by a farmer for Trevor Phillips. It is the last of the missions for the Minute Men.


It starts off in Paleto Bay just on the opposite corner of the Hen House. A cutscene will trigger of a Mexican farmer being enraged at Trevor for having his family deported saying he owes him. It's later revealed that Minute Men aren't really what they are (?). So Trevor, after arguing with the farmer goes out to eliminate the Minute Men which are out at a local farm thus ending the cutscene.

After it, the player must drive half a mile off Paleto Bay to a farm where already the Minute Men are already "arresting" some farmers. Josef will be threatening some locals with a Sawn-off Shotgun. After killing Josef (mostly by running him over) Joe will run towards a Tractor and try to escape from you, you can easily shoot the tires of the tractor due to its slow speed or drive by him. Either way after Joe has been taken out, Trevor will call the farmer and tell them the two have been eliminated thus ending the mission.

Mission Objective

  • Kill Joe and Josef

Gold Medal Requirements

  • What Goes Around... - Use the stun gun on Joe and Josef before killing them.

Easily done by stunning Josef as you approach him (watch out, he's armed) and then eliminating him as you see fit, and then as Joe escapes, shoot out his tires and then do the same. Take out Joe quickly to achieve the second requirement in tandem.

  • No Migration - Kill Joe and Josef before they leave the farm.

See above.

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