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Miranda Cowan is a celebrity that was featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony on Fizz!. She is known by the paparazzi as "The Silicone Slattern" in Grand Theft Auto V.

Events of TBoGT

Miranda's only appearence in TBOGT, was in one of the trailers for the game. The trailer is a report from the show Fizz!, in with they describe the nightlife of Liberty City. She appears as one of the many celebrities that frequents the Bahama Mamas nightclub.

Events of GTA V

She reappears in GTA V, where she is constantly followed by the paparazzi. She was featured in the article Her Last Shred of Dignity by the Prattle magazine. 

After crazed paparazzo Beverly Felton caught with her taking drugs inside her Stretch and took pictures while doing so, the reaction of the media was lukewarm at best, as they've got used to her attention whoring antics.

Her name and likeness are used in the film Meltdown, in which she is antagonist Abner Finch's significant other, but she is played by an actor or actress named Charlie Fleming.

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