"Now, there's a ruined town out west of here. Aldea Malvada. And there's some piece of shit DEA officer meeting with an FBI agent with a dossier. Now, CJ, you get the dossier and you make both of them disappear!"
Frank Tenpenny

Misappropriation is a mission given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Officer Frank Tenpenny in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas during CJ's stay in Las Venturas. It can be accessed through their residence in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas and is unlocked once the mission Intensive Care is completed, though it doesn't need to be done immediately after that mission.


Carl visits C.R.A.S.H. at their house in Prickle Pine and finds the duo getting a grill ready. Things start out normal, but a paranoid Tenpenny reveals that their careers are in jeopardy and Tenpenny needs Carl to get a dossier containing dirt on the duo and kill the DEA and FBI agents.

Carl heads to Aldea Malvada and intercepts the meeting, killing the duo and claiming the dossier.


After the cutscene, take a vehicle of choice to Aldea Malvada in Tierra Robada. Options include vehicles with strong off-road capabilities, a motorcycle, or the jetpack.

Once Carl arrives at the ruins, he discovers the place is surrounded by FBI agents, with the target hidden. If Carl is spotted by any of the agents or any guns are fired (including the sniper rifle and silenced pistol), the target will be alerted and run to a nearby Maverick helicopter. Carl must then fight his way through the agents, get to a second Maverick parked nearby and give chase. The target travels to Las Venturas, landing on the helipad above the Emerald Isle parkade.

At that point, the AI-controlled target may do one of a number of things. He may jump off the building, parachuting to the ground. Or he may run down the stairs into the parkade and steal an everything-proof Buffalo and attempt to escape by road. If it happens, the target will head to underground parking lot east of Emerald Isle. Few more FBI agents are already waiting for him (and Carl) there. Carl must kill target and recover the dossier.

Depending on the player's skill and luck, there are several options for completing the mission. For example, a skilled sniper may be able to kill the target before he reaches the helicopter, or even before Carl is spotted at Aldea Malvada. If this happens, Carl must pick up the dossier before one of the agents does, otherwise, the agent will take the helicopter and the mission will proceed as before. It is possible for Carl to scale the hillside to the west of where the helicopters are parked while equipped with an SMG or dual machine pistols and make short work of the original target and the agents before any helicopters launch.

Another alternative is available to the player if they have completed the pilot school with all gold medals, as there is no time limit to this mission they can grab the Hunter from the airstrip and use the chaingun to annihilate the target and all other FBI agents. If both helicopters are destroyed before the target can get into them, he will be unable to flee and will just attack the player.

At no point must the helicopter the target is piloting be destroyed while it's in the air, otherwise the dossier Tenpenny wants will be lost and the mission will fail.

Warning: at one point in the chase, the target's helicopter will lead Carl's chopper over Area 69. Doing so will result in a 5-star wanted level and the base's SAM installations (evidently repaired since the events of Black Project) will fire upon Carl's helicopter. Even if Carl manages to evade the SAMs, the 5-star rating will remain when he arrives at the Emerald Isle, making the resulting chase through the parkade and into the streets virtually impossible with all the police activity. To avoid this scenario, try to fly north of the Area 69 fence. Note: as the video walkthroughs below illustrate, the wanted level and SAM attacks do not always happen, but are known to occur on the PS2 version. An alternative is to always keep up with the target helicopter at a good pace. That way, when the target helicopter lands, you can also land at about the same time and kill the target on the helipad before he gets a chance to escape. Note: If you are close enough to the target before he escapes from the helipad, he will pull out an MAC-10 and will fire at you. When killed, he drops an AK-47 and a MAC-10.

The mission ends the moment Carl retrieves the dossier, however, he will still remain under attack by federal agents if this happens at Aldea Malvada, and any wanted levels attained will remain (unlike most missions that remove the wanted level once completed).

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Kill the target and grab the evidence dossier
  • The target is dead and has dropped the evidence dossier, grab it before anyone else does

Post mission phone call

Frank Tenpenny: Carl! You got that dossier?

Carl Johnson: Yeah, I got the files. What you want me to do with 'em?

Frank Tenpenny: We need to meet up someplace quiet and take care of things. There's a ghost town, Las Brujas in the devil's Castle, you know it?

Carl Johnson: Yeah, I'll find it.

Frank Tenpenny: I know you will. I'll see you there. Carl.



  • The FBI agents carry AK-47s and Micro-SMGs. This is the only mission in which they use AKs. However, if you kill the target before he gets into the helicopter, the agents will revert to using Micro-SMGs.
  • There is a Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher with 10 rockets among the ruins, which may come in handy.
  • This mission has one of the most variable spans in the game. The player has many options from where to kill the dossier carrying agent (parachuting through a Stuntplane, assassinating with a Knife or Silenced Pistol, or even snipe from a Sniper Rifle or blowing the dossier carrier up using a Hunter, or even doing a fly-by with a Jetpack and a one handed weapon) and if failed, his Maverick would fly to The Emerald Isle, giving a long chase. The chase would fly among Area 69, adding a new sort of challenge, being a wanted level. The carrier would also eventually run, making a really easy shot. If failed again, there would be many ways to kill the carrier - One could be using a rocket-launcher to blow up the Buffalo, making a simple drive-by, or even ramming. If failed again, he would lure the player to Roca Escalante's carpark opposite of the V-Rock Hotel. He would get out of the car, then start running out of the carpark. The floor would be filled with FBI Agents. The carrier would escape in the foot (despite the presence of many Buffalos), then run. He would be eventually be run over by a Cheetah, eventually having no objective left but to pick up the dossier and the mission would be complete.
  • A way to skip all the gunfight with FBI, and flying the helicopter to the "no fly zone" area is very simple, just kill the agent who takes the dossier before he reaches the helicopter, take the document, and leave with the parked helicopter there.
  • In the parking lot, there are 2 Buffalos parked, one is damage, explosion, and fire proof and one is normal, for the normal car, if you shoot the agent that is about to steal the everything-proof Buffalo and you grab the document, the car doors will unlock and free to take, for the everything-proof Buffalo, this will require a Tractor because the car doors on the everything-proof Buffalo will remain locked, and you must tow it to any safehouse, (Towing it with a Tow Truck will cause the Buffalo will disappear from the hook) and the everything-proof Buffalo will be saved.
  • If the carrier reaches The Emerald Isle, he will escape in a Buffalo and jump off the ramp at level 5 and drive to an underground car park southwest of the Roca Escalante Police Station where there will be 3 Buffalos and the informant will be aided by several FBI agents unless he is killed upon abandoning the helicopter. When the player reaches The Emerald Isle, he/she does not need to take the Buffalo, as FCR's-900, Flashes, Jesters and Elegies and other fast cars or bikes will spawn and occasionally, Coaches will spawn, forcing the player to take the Buffalo or a slow car e.g. Perennials or even Bravuras.
  • Following the informant to the car park would be useful to find a minigun, as one usually spawns there.
  • If Carl completes the mission while still at Aldea Malvada, one of the helicopters will remain at the site, though the federal agents' vehicles will disappear. A Sanchez will also be found parked among the ruins.
  • If the player plays the mission on the Android version, the grill can be seen jumping on the right side of the screen. The grill can be hidden on the left side of the CRT (if the player plays the mission on PS2/Xbox).
  • The player should avoid destroying the helicopter over water (such as shooting it down with a Hunter near the Sherman Dam), for the dossier will fall completely to the bottom of the water. This won't fail the mission, seeing as the player simply needs to collect it; however, you will lose more than half of your lung capacity, assuming it is at maximum. The only way to retrieve the dossier if this happens is to have a maximum lung capacity and maximum health bar filled all the way, dive quickly to get the package, and surface quickly, at the cost of losing some health (tested on the PS4 version).


As usual, Tenpenny's missions have no reward whatsoever. CJ only gets a simple text indicating that he passed the mission. This mission, however, is necessary for 100% completion of the game.


The sequel to this mission is High Noon, which should be available after completing the mission Freefall for Salvatore Leone.

Video Walkthroughs