For more in-depth introduction to mission coding see Mission Scripting (overview).

To edit the game scripts, you will need one of the coding tools:

Tool Supported Games Notes
Sanny Builder III VC SA LCS VCS
  • for LCS and VCS only disassembling of the main.scm is supported
gtama III VC SA
  • For GTA SA only a disassembler was made
  • The project is abandoned
Mission Builder III VC SA
  • A separate tool was made for each supported game (GTA3 MB, VC MB, SA MB)
  • The project is abandoned
Point SA
  • The project is abandoned
Scone IV
  • SCO dis-/assembler

Related Tools

The following tools are related to mission scripting, but cannot be used for direct editing:

Tool Supported Games Notes
.NET Script HookIVallows writing external scripts in any .NET language
AliceIVadds LUA scripting support
C++ Script HookIVallows writing external scripts in C++ language
CLEOSAallows running scripts alongside of the main.scm
OpenIVIV SCO files viewer
SparkIVIV SCO files viewer
spookie's SCM HookVC

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