This is a comprehensive list of storyline missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are 100 missions in total (101 including the opening sequence), which makes this game the longest GTA title in the series.

Los Santos Missions

Protagonist Carl Johnson returns home to Los Santos and needs to reestablish himself in the neighborhood. Years previously, the death of his brother, Brian Johnson, was blamed on him by his elder brother, Sweet, and Carl moved away for a fresh start in Liberty City. Following the death of his mother in a drive-by shooting, he returns and decides to stay for good. Missions involve him working for the prominent members of the Grove Street Families: his brother Sweet, childhood friend and junkie Ryder, and cryptic childhood friend, Big Smoke. Other than those three, CJ participates in illicit street racing with his sister Kendl's boyfriend, Cesar Vialpando, who faces a lot of prejudice from Sweet, who looks down on Cesar being Mexican. CJ also does missions for OG Loc, a GSF associate obsessed with his "gangsta" rapper image but in reality, his crimes range from parking fines to joyriding. Meanwhile, C.R.A.S.H., led by Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, exploit CJ into doing their dirty work, under the threat of framing him for Officer Pendelbury's murder, which they committed themselves.

There are 29 missions (including the opening sequence) in Los Santos.

  • In the Beginning (given by Carl Johnson) - Watch the opening cutscene, and then make the way back to Grove Street to receive the first mission.
  • Big Smoke (given by Carl Johnson) - Meet Big Smoke inside the Johnson House.
  • Sweet & Kendl (given by Carl Johnson) - Escape from the Ballas riding a BMX and explore parts of the city of Los Santos.
  • Home Invasion (given by Ryder) - Rob a war veteran for weapons crates.
  • Catalyst (given by Ryder) - Steal crates of weapons from a train.
  • Robbing Uncle Sam (given by Ryder) - Raid a National Guard base.
  • Burning Desire (given by C.R.A.S.H.) - Burn down a Vagos member's house and rescue a girl.
  • Gray Imports (given by C.R.A.S.H.) - Kill a Russian arms dealer.

Countryside Missions (Red County, Flint County, Whetstone)

CJ has stumbled onto something that is much bigger than himself. It appears that Grove Street Family member and childhood friend Big Smoke is in an alliance with Tenpenny and helps demolish the established influence and territory of the GSF (allowing the Ballas to take over as the dominant gang in the city) in exchange for money and powerful connections. Tenpenny warns CJ to stay away from Big Smoke otherwise Sweet, who was arrested, will suffer in prison. Tenpenny has a few loose ends that need to be taken care of, and Carl takes care of them, while trying to keep himself and his sister out of danger. Unknown to Tenpenny, Carl attempts to gain money and connection with his sister's boyfriend's cousin, Catalina

There are 14 missions in Angel Pine (4 missions are cutscenes for the robbery missions).

  • Badlands (given by C.R.A.S.H.) - Take out an FIB witness for Tenpenny.
  • First Date (given by Catalina) - Meet Cesar's cousin. NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Tanker Commander is recommended, because this mission is in Dillimore, which is the player's location, removing the need to travel away from and back to Dillimore).
  • Tanker Commander (Robbery mission) - Hijack a petrol tanker in Dillimore.
  • King in Exile (given by Cesar Vialpondo) - Meet Cesar and Kendl again.
  • First Base (given by Catalina) - NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Local Liquor Store is recommended).
  • Local Liquor Store (Robbery mission) - Rob a liquor store in Blueberry.
  • Gone Courting (given by Catalina) - NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Against All Odds is recommended).
  • Against All Odds (Robbery mission) - Rob the Off-Track Betting shop in Montgomery.
  • Made in Heaven (given by Catalina) - NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Small Town Bank is recommended).
  • Small Town Bank (Robbery mission) - Rob a bank in Palomino Creek.

San Fierro Missions

CJ is starting to build his own name in San Fierro while still working for Tenpenny. The Truth, who used to be Tenpenny's supplier before he was double-crossed by him, introduces him to ordinary people with talents to assist him. Woozie, a Chinese Triad leader whom CJ met at a race, gives him work to further establish himself. With the help of Cesar, The Truth, Woozie, and the others, CJ manages to inflict major damage on the drug trade in Los Santos that provides for Smoke's new empire.

There are 26 missions in San Fierro.

  • 555 We Tip (given by C.R.A.S.H.)  - Frame a district attorney that is causing Tenpenny problems, by posing as a valet and planting drugs in his car.
  • Deconstruction (given by Carl Johnson) - Get revenge on some builders for calling Kendl a hooker by destroying portable buildings and burying the foreman.
  • Air Raid (given by Zero; optional, required for 100%) - Defend Zero's transmitters from Berkley's bombers.
  • Supply Lines... (given by Zero; optional, required for 100%) - Kill Berkley's delivery boys.
  • New Model Army (given by Zero; optional, required for 100%) - Help Zero in an RC war.
  • Jizzy (given by Jizzy B.) - Help Jizzy out with his pimping duties.
  • T-Bone Mendez (given by Jizzy B.) - Retrieve some stolen cash from bikers.
  • Mike Toreno (given by Jizzy B.) - Find and rescue Mike Toreno.
  • Mountain Cloud Boys (given by Wu Zi Mu) - Escort Woozie to a Triad meeting, then escape the Da Nang Boys.
  • Ran Fa Li (given by Wu Zi Mu) - Steal a car from the airport and take it to a lockup, escaping the Da Nang Boys.
  • Lure (given by Wu Zi Mu) - Act as a decoy for Ran Fa Li, and lead the Da Nang Boys on a chase through the countryside.
  • Amphibious Assault (given by Wu Zi Mu) - Bug a Da Nang meeting on a boat.
  • The Da Nang Thang (given by Wu Zi Mu) - Sneak on board, release some slaves from a boat and kill the Snakehead.
  • Outrider (given by Jizzy B.) - Transport drugs past roadblocks.
  • Snail Trail (given by C.R.A.S.H.) - Snipe a journalist and his contact.
  • Pier 69 (given by Cesar Vialpondo) - Raid a deal between the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate to kill T-Bone Mendez and Ryder.
  • Back to School (School; optional, needed for 100%) - Learn some advanced driving techniques.
  • Zeroing In (given by Cesar Vialpondo; optional, needed for 100%) - Steal a car with a tracking system.
  • Test Drive (given by Cesar Vialpondo; optional, needed for 100%) - Steal and test some racing cars with Cesar.
  • Customs Fast Track (given by Cesar Vialpondo; optional, needed for 100%) - Steal a car from a container at the docks and beat the security guards.
  • Puncture Wounds (given by Cesar Vialpondo; optional, needed for 100%) - Use stingers to steal a Stratum.

Desert Missions (Bone County, Tierra Robada)

Mike Toreno, a member of a clandestine government organization who CJ originally thought to be involved with the drug ring, reveals that it was a decoy of himself that CJ killed in a previous mission. Mike reveals the Loco Syndicate was a front to finance his agency's operations in Latin America. Toreno tells CJ the truth about Tenpenny's crimes. In return for the assurance that Toreno will keep Sweet safe while in prison and try to use his connections to release him, CJ will need to do missions for Toreno. This will also serve as a way for CJ to make up for sabotaging Toreno's drug peddling operation. Meanwhile, in the desert, The Truth and CJ do missions involving alien cover-ups by the military.

There are 9 storyline missions in the desert.

  • N.O.E. (given by Mike Toreno) - Fly under the radar to Angel Pine and back.
  • Stowaway (given by Mike Toreno) - Destroy a government plane.

Las Venturas Missions

In Las Venturas, Woozie is about to open a new casino, but it becomes clear that the Sindacco Family, 1/3 of the owners of the Caligula's Casino, is trying to sabotage the Four Dragons. CJ and Woozie plot not only to send the Sindaccos a message, but also heist Caligula's. Meanwhile, Truth's connections lead him to Ken Rosenberg, a lawyer in charge of the business dealings of Caligula's, and later on, Salvatore Leone, Don of the Leone family. CJ gains the trust of the Salvatore to gain inside access, and also to help Ken escape the life-and-death situation of his job. Meanwhile, CJ saves Mad Dogg from attempting to jump from a building (after going drunk due to his career being over - ironically because CJ secretly stole Mad Dogg's rhyme book). 

There are 19 storyline missions in Las Venturas.

  • Architectural Espionage (Triad mission; optional, needed for 100%) - Steal the blueprint for Caligula's Casino.
  • Key to Her Heart (Robbery mission; optional, needed for 100%) - Gain the affections of Millie Perkins to gain a keycard for the casino.
  • Dam and Blast (Robbery mission; optional, needed for 100%) - Plant explosive charges on the Sherman Dam, thus disabling the power during the upcoming heist.
  • Cop Wheels (Robbery mission; optional, needed for 100%) - Steal four HPV 1000 police bikes.
  • Up, Up and Away! (Robbery mission; optional, needed for 100%) - Steal an armored truck using a Leviathan obtained from the K.A.C.C. military depot.
  • Freefall (Mafia mission) - Intercept, board, empty, and land a plane full of Forellis.

Return to Los Santos Missions

CJ has it all now. After helping Toreno with illegal government missions, Toreno fulfills his promise and uses his connections to release Sweet. CJ wants Sweet to join him in Las Venturas and their business in San Fierro, but Sweet wants to re-establish the GSF territory, and with the help of CJ, they do. Tenpenny gets arrested for his crimes to Los Santos, but with the lack of evidence (Pulaski killed Hernandez, and CJ killed Pulaski and many other people who could be used as key witnesses under Tenpenny's orders), Tenpenny goes free, making the people turn Los Santos into a riot city. Amidst the dangerous rioters and fires, CJ manages to find Tenpenny and Smoke, kills Smoke, and chases Tenpenny until he gets into a car accident that kills him. 

There are 8 story missions in Los Santos after the return.

  • Vertical Bird (given by Mike Toreno) - Steal a Hydra from an aircraft carrier and use it to destroy some spy boats.
  • Home Coming (given by Mike Toreno) - Pick Sweet up from the police station, take out some drug dealers, and reclaim Ganton from the Ballas.
  • Riot (given by Carl Johnson) - Drive to Grove Street from the mansion and witness the riot.

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