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Main Missions

There are a total of 65 missions. (58 main missions, 5 extras in PSP version, and 2 downloadables)

These missions are not listed orderly.

Wu 'Kenny' Lee

Chan Jaoming

Zhou Ming

  • Stealing the Show - Sneak onto the back of a delivery truck and toss the merchandise to Zhou.
  • Flatliner - Steal an Ambulance containing Zhou's old friend Uri from Francis International Airport and drive it back to Zhou's house.
  • Bomb Disposal - Disarm three of Hsin's vans containing bombs meant to destroy Zhou's drug stash cars, and stop further attempts to do so.
  • Driven to Destruction - Drive Zhou on his Bobcat to African-American drug dealers and let him shoot them with his minigun, until the carnage meter is filled.
  • Cash and Burn - Burn all of the Korean's goods at a construction site and kill security forces.
  • Dragon Haul Z - Steal a truck containing a dragon costume and after Zhou robs a bank, do the instructed moves in the dragon costume without arrousing too much suspicion and escape.
  • The Fandom Menace - Escort Zhou and, later, two of the Triads, to different places and back, killing any f the paparazzi that takes incriminating shots of Zhou.
  • So Near, Yet Sonar - Recover sunken goods from his sunken ship using a sonar.
  • Hit from the Tong - Kill Zhou Ming.

Hsin Jaoming

Wade Heston

Lester Leroc

Rudy D'Avanzo

Exclusive to PlayStation Portable

Chan Jaoming

  • Parking Pickle - Retrieve Melanie's van in some cargo crates and escape with the van.

Melanie Mallard

  • Dock'u'mental - Let Melanie film a drug deal and protect both the deal and Melanie from the Yardies.
  • Factory Fun - Let Melanie documentan illegal drug trade and kill the Yardies boss and the goons.
  • Half Cut - Toss drugs to dealers at alleys and escape from them and rival gangs along the way.

Chan Jaoming

  • Sources - Kill the cameraman and kidnap Melanie for Chan Jaoming to kill.

Downloadable through Rockstar Social Club

Xin Shan

  • Deadly Xin - Gain a 3-star wanted level using a Rhino to distract the cops from Xin.
  • Xin of the Father - Lose a wanted level for an injured Xin and drive to instructed destination.

Side Missions

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