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This is a list of all missions in Grand Theft Auto III, sorted by type, island and mission-giver. There are 51 storyline missions, 17 phone missions, 4 Off-road Missions and 4 Remote Controlled Missions.

Story missions


Claude is betrayed by his girlfriend Catalina when she shoots him during a bank heist, leaving him for dead. He survives and is arrested, but on the way to the penitentiary, the Colombian Cartel ambushes the convoy to kidnap another prisoner, destroying the bridge in the process and isolating the island of Portland from other parts of Liberty City, and he and another prisoner named 8-Ball manage to escape. With his new allie, he eventually forms a connection with the Leone family by destroying the neighboring Triads and Forelli family. He finds out that Catalina has become a co-leader of the Colombian Cartel, and eventually destroys their ship filled with the drug SPANK. However, Salvatore Leone has grown paranoid and no longer trusts easily, and the fact that Maria lies and says that she and Claude are having an affair just to spite him, he sends Claude to his death by planting a bomb in a car he ordered Claude to take away. Maria finds out and warns Claude just in time and, along with Yakuza leader Asuka Kasen, they leave Portland on a boat to Staunton Island.  Introduction

  • Introduction: Cutscenes depicting Catalina's betrayal of Claude, the explosion which leaves Portland isolated from the rest of the city and Claude's escape with 8-Ball.


Luigi Goterelli

Joey Leone

Toni Cipriani

Salvatore Leone


Salvatore Leone

Staunton Island

Claude is now a rogue from the gangs in Portland, with the Leone Family and the Triads after him, and begins making a new connection. He assassinates Salvatore to prove his loyalty to Asuka, and he is introduced to Asuka's powerful brother Kenji, and a corrupt policeman named Ray who helps him in exchange. Ray introduces him to Donald Love, a billionaire real estate mogul, who Claude helps as well for the benefit of Love and his company. However, to start a gang war and lower the real estate price of land Love wants, he steals a Colombian Cartel vehicle and kills Kenji, igniting a war between the two. He eventually finds Catalina again, who kidnaps Maria, kills Miguel and Asuka, and ransoms Maria for $500,000. Asuka Kasen

Kenji Kasen

Ray Machowski

Donald Love

  • Liberator: Rescue an oriental gentleman from the colombians.
  • Waka-Gashira Wipeout: Kill Kenji Kasen in a Colombian car. Note that by completing this mission, Kenji will be dead thus any mission from Kenji that has not yet been completed will be cancelled, and 100% completion will not be completed.
  • A Drop In The Ocean: Pick up six packages thrown in the ocean from a plane.
  • Grand Theft Aero: Find the real packages and bring them to Donald Love.
  • Escort Service: Defend a Securicar in it's way from the Colombian Cartel.
  • Decoy: Get inside a Securicar and act as a decoy around for two minutes.
  • Love's Disappearance: You can't find Donald Love so you decide to leave the Love Media building.

Asuka Kasen

  • Bait: Lead three Colombian death squads into a trap.
  • Espresso-2-Go!: Destroy nine espresso stands.
  • S.A.M.: Blow up a Dodo with a rocket launcher and bring the SPANK packages to Asuka.


  • Ransom: Asuka and Miguel are killed, Maria is kidnapped by Catalina and you find a letter left by her.

Shoreside Vale


Phone missions


El Burro

Marty Chonks

  • The Crook: Bring a bank manager to the dog food factory and crush the evidence.
  • The Thieves: Bring two thieves to the food factory and respray Marty's car.
  • The Wife: Bring Marty's wife to the food factory and and dump the car into the sea.
  • Her Lover: Bring Carl to the food factory.

Staunton Island

King Courtney

Shoreside Vale


  • Uzi Money: Drive-by 25 Purple Nines in two minutes.
  • Toyminator: Destroy three gang cars with an RC Bandit.
  • Rigged to Blow: Bring an armed car to a garage before it explodes.
  • Bullion Run: Pick up as many bullion as possible and take it to a garage.
  • Rumble: Kill some Purple Nines using melee weapons.

Off-Road missions

Remote controlled vehicle missions

  • Diablo Destruction: Destroy as many Diablo Stallions as possible with an RC car.
  • Mafia Massacre: Destroy as many Mafia Sentinels as possible with an RC car.
  • Casino Calamity: Destroy as many Yakuza Stingers as possible with an RC car.
  • Rumpo Rampage: Destroy as many Hoods Rumpo XLs as possible with an RC car.

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