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The following is a list of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto V. This article is about the known missions that will be in GTA V. As the game is not out yet, most of the missions are not revealed yet, however some missions have been confirmed by Rockstar.

Los Santos Missions

No Boss

Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
The Extraction Michael
Unknown Unknown The mission involves all three of the Protagonists who have to do a snatch and grab mission for the FIB. This mission is the first time Franklin and Trevor meet.
Meeting the New Boss Michael
Kazuya Larson
$100 The Gangs Came Back The new character named Kazuya Larson comes to Los Santos and he became the boss for the three protagonists. He meets Michael, Franklin & Trevor. Michael drives the car and Franklin, Trevor talks to their boss. Then after that, Michael leaves his boss Kazuya in his palace.

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