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The following is a list of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto V, sorted by in-game order and mission boss. There are a total of 69 missions in Grand Theft Auto V.


Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
Prologue Michael
None Franklin and Lamar

Nine years in the past, in Ludendorff, North Yankton, Michael, Trevor and Brad are robbing a bank. While they are escaping to a helicopter pickup point, their getaway car is destroyed by a train, and the three escape on foot. Brad and Michael are shot by a sniper and both critically injured. Trevor is then chased away by some armed locals. Michael's funeral is then shown in a snowy cemetery, while he and Brad watch on from a distance.

Los Santos Missions

Simeon Yetarian

Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
Franklin and Lamar Franklin
Michael (cutscene only)
None Repossession Franklin and Lamar must repossess a pair of high end sports cars and return them to Simeon's dealership.
Repossession Franklin None

Complications  Chop

In this mission, Franklin has to repossess a green motorcycle for his boss Simeon Yetarian with assistance of Lamar.

Complications Franklin
The ability to switch between Michael and Franklin Father/Son

Franklin has to break into Michael's house and repossess his son's car.


Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
Chop Franklin None Unknown Lamar plans to earn some extra cash by getting into the kidnapping business. Starting at Franklin's House, Lamar, Franklin and Chop head out in search of a Ballas gang member named 'D '. After a confrontation, D speeds off on a Bati 800. Franklin must chase him down and apprehend him with Chop's help. 
Urban Safari Franklin
Unknown Unknown The mission begins at Franklin's house, where Lamar desperately hectors the latter into providing his help in a drug deal. Franklin however doesn't want to be apart of the petty gang banging in any way possible. Trevor suddenly appears out of the blue. Being highly tense, he rambles about his messed up childhood whilst looking for much trouble to cause.

Michael De Santa

Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
Father/Son Michael
Add Michael as a Contact Marriage Counseling

Michael and Franklin tries to save Jimmy from a bunch of gangsters who have stolen Michael's yacht

Marriage Counseling Michael
None Friend Request

Michael and Franklin chase a tennis coach who had been caught cheating on Michael's wife.


Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
Friend Request Michael None The Good Husband

As a favor, Michael breaks into the Lifeinvader HQ and plants in a bug in their latest prototype phone.

|}==Amanda De Santa===

Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
The Good Husband (optional) Michael None None

Amanda calls Michael, telling him she is in police custody after a misunderstanding at Didier Sachs, and asks for him to rescue her or not.

Unknown Boss

Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
Three's a Company Michael
Trevor Phillips
Unknown Unknown

The mission involves all three of the Protagonists who have to do a "snatch and grab" mission for the FIB. This mission is the first time Franklin and Trevor meet.

Derailed Michael
Trevor Phillips
Unknown Unknown This mission sees Michael and Trevor hijacking a train to nab whatever gold or loot it contains. Trevor doesn't actually know; he just knows whatever it is, it’s incredibly valuable and can’t be transported by air.
Vinewood Babylon Michael
Trevor Phillips
Unknown Unknown A contact of Michael’s needs a package retrieved from a private jet. The jet, however, is airborne so Michael and Trevor need to force it down.
Fresh Meat Michael De Santa
Unknown Unknown Michael has been kidnapped by Triad members and being tortured in a meat packing facility. It's up to Franklin to find and rescue him. 

Blaine County Missions


Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
Nervous Ron Trevor Phillips Unknown Unknown

Trevor is furious after some members of The Lost MC ransacked his trailer and broke one of his collectible statues. He wants revenge, but he also wants their arms dealing business, so he sets about killing two birds with one stone.

Side Missions

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